Plants vs Zombies Heroes – 10 Things You Should Know


Here is the Plants vs Zombies Heroes guide that will help you to understand the game better and improve yourself.

Plants vs. Zombies has been an incredible hit amongst both PC and Mobile gamers. The game might seem easy at the start, however, as you progress further, this game might be enough to keep you on your toes. Here are some best tips and tricks that you can use in Plants vs Zombies Heroes. 

General items to have during day and night

You can have the following plants with you during daytime or night time. 

Daytime: Sunflower, Pea Shooter, Repeater, Snow Pea, Wall Nut, Cherry Bomb, Gatling Repeater, and Squash. 

Night Time: Sun Shroom, Scaredy Shroom, Puff Shroom, Fume Shroom, Repeater, Ice Shroom, Wall Nut and Grave Buster

Make Sunflowers your topmost priority 

Sunflowers are plants that you will need quite a lot in the game. These plants will give you sunshine and help you plant more plants in your lawn. Using the bursts of sunshine will help you grab some zombie killing plants. When at night, you can use the mushroom to generate sunlight. 

Plant Killer Plants Evenly

You need to organize your plants evenly in order to increase your chances of winning and building a successful defense. Plant on the fourth or fifth column from the left. In order to take down basic zombies, Peashooters should start shooting from this distance. Beyond that point, zombies, especially those with bucket heads and cones, will be hard to take down.

Have a backup variety of plants

Your backyard will not always be safe. In case the zombies are eating your plants, you need to keep a backup of varieties to hold the zombies temporarily. For example, Jalapenos can help you destroy an entire lane of zombies and can help you save time during the middle wave. Cherry bombs can be planted in front of zombies to ward them off. Be sure to equip plants, especially during difficulty levels. 


Free Shrooms 

The nighttime is not the best time to use your regular plants because they are not available. You can, however, use mushrooms as a defense, and the best part is, they don’t require much sunlight to grow! The puff-shroom and sea-shroom are examples of mushrooms. However, their range is limited. You need to work around it, so do your best to do so. When you run out of sunlight, these plants are a life-saver, especially at night.

Do not use one type of Peashooter 

In the game, there are many kinds of peashooters available, so take the time to explore them. It is great to use one type of Peashooter early on in the game, but you also need to choose other Peashooters that are capable of doing the job. The Gatling Pea and Threepeater, for instance, make amazing balls of fire when paired with torchwood!

The Twin Sunflower trick

This is an amazing trick to get the maximum use out of your sunflower. All you need to do is wait for the sunflower to drop a sun before you upgrade it to a twin sunflower. Through this way, you can get 50 suns. After you upgrade your sunflower to a twin sunflower, you can immediately have it work for a double sun drop. 

Double Potato mine+ Squash strategy

You can use this strategy when you are stuck in a level in the game. The Potato mine within its own range is quite a good weapon. However, with the imitater and the squash, you can buy yourself some much needed time against the zombie waves.

Never have too many sunflowers

Having too many suns underpins your firepower. Get as many of them planted during the first few waves of the early rounds. According to the game, have at least three suns but some players can manage with 10-12 sunflowers in a game. Keep the sunflowers safe in the back of your lane covered by offensive and defensive plants. 


Tackling Digger Zombies

In order to tackle digger zombies, plant Split Pea in each row in column four or five. This will stop the diggers from tearing up your sunflowers and save you enough sunlight you would need in the game. 

So this was everything you needed to know about Plants vs Zombies Heroes. 

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