Overwatch 2 Starwatch Event: Challenges, Rewards, and Tips


Are you ready for the Overwatch 2 Starwatch Event and the challenges and rewards it has for you? Here are all the details.

The newest seasonal event in Overwatch 2, Starwatch, is taking players on a space opera adventure. This event features a tie-in comic, flashy cosmetics, and a special limited-time mode. Starwatch is a bold new direction for Overwatch events, with inspiration from large and over-the-top space operas. The event also includes a community-driven feature that allows players to decide the future of the Starwatch universe.

In the LTM called Galactic Rescue, players choose one of two factions to back. This new hybrid PvP/PvE mode is sure to shake things up in the Arcade. There are numerous challenges to complete for some fun galactic-themed cosmetics and rewards, including a free Epic skin for Wrecking Ball. If you want to participate in the Overwatch 2 Starwatch event, you need to know everything about it. Here are the details.


Overwatch 2 Starwatch Event Challenges

Like always, the Overwatch 2 Starwatch event comes with a series of event challenges. These challenges award Battle Pass EXP, unique Starwatch-themed sprays, voice lines, and more. To participate, you must complete all 9 event challenges before May 22nd. Here is the list of each challenge and its reward:

  • Big Bang: Destroy 3 gravity canisters for 2,500 XP and Join the Infinite spray.
  • Complete Orbit: Complete 5 challenges for 30,000 XP and the Hammond Asteroid skin.
  • Protostar: Complete 4 games for 2,500 XP.
  • Shoot for the Stars: Complete 8 games for 2,500 XP.
  • Rebel of the Galaxy: Complete 12 games for 2,500 XP and the Laser Power Doomfist voice line.
  • Hero of the Galaxy: Complete 16 games for 2,500 XP and the Hammond Wish name card.
  • Quantum Life: Revive a teammate for 2,500 XP and the Kneel Sigma voice line.
  • Zero Gravity: Stay in the air while on low gravity for 4 seconds for 2,500 XP and the Infinite Fight spray.
  • Starwatch Veteran: Earn all the other event challenge rewards for 2,500 XP and the Silver Comet weapon charm.
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Overwatch 2 Starwatch Event Tips

To complete the challenges and get all the rewards, you need to play smart. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Focus on the challenges that are easy to complete first.
  • Try to play with friends to make communication easier and complete the challenges more efficiently.
  • Use heroes that are good in both PvP and PvE modes.
  • If you’re struggling with a challenge, take a break and come back to it later.
  • Keep an eye on the time left in the event so that you can plan accordingly.

Overwatch 2 Starwatch Event: Limited Time Mode

Faction Selection

As soon as you load into the game, you’ll be asked to choose between two factions: the Watchers and the Infinite Empire. The Watchers have a roster of heroes that includes Winston, Hammond, Ashe, Torbjorn, Lucio, and Baptiste. On the other hand, the Infinite Empire offers DVA, Sigma, Bastion, Sojourn, Soldier 76, Brigitte, or Mercy as playable heroes. Each hero is dressed in the attire of their faction, such as the classic rebel dress of the Watchers or the clean red and black armor of the Empire.

Infinite Galactrius Map

Both factions will battle it out in an altered version of the Horizon Lunar Colony map called Infinite Galactrius. This space station is a safe post for the Empire, and it houses four capture points within its sharp, clinical surroundings. As a member of the Watchers or the Empire, you must venture deep within to rescue a lost ally or defend each of the points to prevent the opposing faction from escaping.

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Unique Gameplay Features

The Starwatch Limited Time Mode introduces some new gameplay features that differentiate it from traditional capture point games. Instead of being eliminated immediately when you run out of HP, you’ll enter a downed state for 15 seconds. Your allies can revive you if they reach you before you bleed out, allowing you to jump right back into the action. Additionally, the map is filled with stage hazards like Gravity Implosion Cannisters, which can be shot to suck in nearby players, similar to a Zarya Ultimate.

Special Faction Mechanics

Each faction also gets a unique mechanic that adds a new layer of gameplay to the mode. The Watchers are accompanied by an AI-controlled Doomfist called Bonebreaker, who can help even the odds and push through the Empire’s frontline. Meanwhile, the Empire is aided by numerous turrets and artillery, all strategically placed around the map to take down the intruding rebels.


Unique Cutscenes

The Starwatch Limited Time Mode also features unique ending cutscenes based on which faction wins, providing some hints and teases of what’s to come in the Starwatch event.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to experience the excitement and challenges of the Starwatch Limited Time Mode in Overwatch 2. Choose your faction, strategize with your team, and embark on a thrilling intergalactic rescue mission.

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Overwatch 2 Starwatch Event: The Fate of the Stars

The Starwatch event in Blizzard’s game is not just about gameplay variety. Choosing between the Empire and the Watchers will also factor into a side story, making it more special and exciting than the Battle for Olympus event.

Accompanying the Starwatch event is the release of a 13-page comic book called Starwatch: An Echo of Hope. This comic provides a backstory of the fictional characters and world of Starwatch, giving players a deeper understanding of the Empire and the Watchers, who are in opposition. The story ends with a cliffhanger and a note from Blizzard stating that the faction with the most victories will shape the next part of the story.

By aligning themselves with the Watchers or the Empire, players can influence the story’s outcome. Supporting the Watchers means playing and winning matches as the Watcher faction, while rooting for the Galactic Empire requires winning matches as the Empire. The winning faction will be announced after the event period ends on May 22nd.


Winning is not the only reward for players, as each faction has unique rewards that can be earned by winning matches. The Watchers’ rewards include an Echo of Hope spray and a Starwatch player icon, while the Galactic Empire’s rewards include a TIE fighter player icon and an Imperial emblem spray.

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