Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t played well recently after a good start to the season and pressure is on Lawrence.

Trevor Lawrence
"Trevor Lawrence is not getting enough heat"- Former NFL Player fires shot at the Jaguars quarterback 2

The Jacksonville Jaguars started the season on a high note but are currently having a five-game losing streak and the pressure is on young quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Trevor Lawrence looked great under new head coach Doug Pederson but recently he has fallen off a cliff and is committing many turnovers. Richard Sherman recently spoke about Lawrence and claimed that the Jaguars quarterback is being let off the hook, unlike other young quarterbacks.

Talking about it, Sherman said, “Trevor Lawrence is not getting enough heat. That’s and I’m not understanding like he was the number one pick like they need to be like What is he doing? What is he doing you throw you throw across your body like I hear them killed like like Zach Wilson they killed…”

He added, “He was a number one pick. Everybody’s saying he’s a generational talent. He’s the next Andrew Luck. No, he’s not. Not even close. Like lucky in doing this luck is leading his team luck would have had that had those games one, maybe six and one right now with Andrew Luck. Like he’s He’s everything they thought Justin Herbert was you know, they said Justin Herbert doesn’t love the game. You know, he’s disinterested.”

The Jaguars will be up against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 9 and how Trevor Lawrence plays against them remains to be seen as he is under a lot of pressure.

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