Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are off to a very poor start but Nick Wright doesn’t think that the quarterback will retire after this season.

Tom Brady
"I think he's gonna keep playing"- Nick Wright predicts Tom Brady will not retire after this season 2

Tom Brady is off to the worst start in his NFL career. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 3-5 after Week 8 of this season and things are not looking bright for them. Many think that this season will be the last season for Brady as he isn’t looking good on the field and his team is not performing as well.

The Buccaneers are dealing with multiple injuries to key players and that has impacted their performances. Brady hasn’t played well either but the injuries to key players have had an impact on it. Nick Wright firmly believes that Brady will not retire after this season and will continue playing football.

Talking about it, Nick Wright said, “Oh, I think he’s gonna keep playing. I think he’s, I think he I think he’s playing past this year. I don’t know where he didn’t want to play this year for Tampa. I think maybe he saw this coming.”

He added, “So yeah, I think that he is going to keep playing I would be very surprised if Brady doesn’t keep playing and by the way, as bad as the Bucs have looked, and you know, I’m no long-term Brady fan. There is a world Colin where they’re the you know, nine and eight. Yeah, but the fourth seed because they win the division.”

Nick Wright further said, “And the five seed is Daniel Jones and the Giants and that Brady’s path to another conference championship game is Daniel Jones in Tampa and then beating Kirk Cousins with the Vikings is the two that could happen. Yeah, I’m already emotionally preparing myself.”

The Buccaneers will now face the Los Angeles Rams in Week 9 and both these teams have struggled this season. Tom Brady needs to show up against the Rams and show that he still has enough football left in him at this point of his career.

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