“Screw the future win now”- Colin Cowherd urges the Packers to go all-in with Aaron Rodgers next season



Colin Cowherd claims that the Green Bay Packers should fully trust their quarterback Aaron Rodgers and go all-in next season.

Aaron Rodgers
“Screw the future win now”- Colin Cowherd urges the Packers to go all-in with Aaron Rodgers next season 3

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers got off to a terrible start to the season, and it appeared as though they might not recover. Nobody believed in them, and many people voiced their opinion that the Packers should switch from Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love as soon as possible.

However, Rodgers has been able to silence all of those people by leading the Packers to a position where they are still in the running for a spot in the playoffs and will likely finish the regular season as the seventh seed in the NFC.

Colin Cowherd continues to have complete confidence in Aaron Rodgers despite the fact that many people believe the Packers should move forward with Jordan Love for the upcoming season. He is encouraging the Packers to put their whole faith in the veteran quarterback for the upcoming season by providing him with a stronger supporting cast.

Speaking about it, Colin Cowherd said, “The Packers need to go 100% all-in on Aaron. First pick 15-16-17 in the first round, go get a wide receiver Jordan Addison USC to go along with Christian Watson Romeo Doubs second pick, go get a tight end. There’s about four great ones in college Third pick more offensive line or another receiver, trade some of the defensive parts go more into offense.”

He added, “Just be an offensive franchise stop worrying about stability and protecting the future. Screw the future win now. Now, the future doesn’t look promising. You’re not going to replace Aaron Rodgers you’re not going to find another Aaron. A junior college guy goes to Cal falls in the first round. And for 10 years is the most talented guy in the league. Not going to work that way. It’s over. You got to go all in on Aaron Rodgers.”

The Packers will face the Detroit Lions in their last game of the regular season and if they are able to win the game then they will qualify for the playoffs. It would be a great turnaround by the team that looked quite poor this season, and Rodgers might continue as the quarterback of the Packers for the foreseeable future.

Aaron Rodgers could overcome adversity this season

Aaron Rodgers 8
“Screw the future win now”- Colin Cowherd urges the Packers to go all-in with Aaron Rodgers next season 4

Since the year in which he took home the Lombardi Trophy, Aaron Rodgers has failed to live up to expectations in the postseason on every single occasion. The Packers were knocked from the playoffs by the San Francisco 49ers in a way that was shocking the year before.

On the other hand, the tale is not the same this time around. The Packers have come back from being eliminated from playoff contention to place themselves in a position where they could still make it. Despite this, they are not the team to beat this season.

They will finish as the sixth seed in the NFC and most likely play the 49ers again in the NFC Wildcard Game if they win the Week 18 game against the Detroit Lions. Rodgers and the rest of his team will have a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in this setting.

Aaron Rodgers will receive the maximum respect for leading the Packers to a long run into the playoffs this season. This team is not on the same level as the Packers’ group from the previous few years, so Aaron Rodgers will be able to take full credit for the achievement. Rodgers is going to have a very crucial postseason as a result of the fact that it may determine his future with the Packers.

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