“Baker’s never been talented enough”- Colin Cowherd has serious doubts about the future of Baker Mayfield in the NFL



Baker Mayfield could be without a team next season and Colin Cowherd is very much worried about his future.

Baker Mayfield
"Baker's never been talented enough"- Colin Cowherd has serious doubts about the future of Baker Mayfield in the NFL 2

The Carolina Panthers acquired Baker Mayfield from the Cleveland Browns prior to the start of the season and many believed that this will be a great opportunity for Baker Mayfield to get his career back on track.

However, that hasn’t gone well and it doesn’t look like he will remain with the Panthers after this season. So far this season, he has a passer rating of 74.4 with 1,313 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions in 7 games. The numbers aren’t good for him, and Colin Cowherd is seriously concerned about the future of Baker Mayfield in the league.

Talking about Baker Mayfield, Colin Cowherd said, “Baker’s never been talented enough to overcome an average offensive line. Mahomes can, Lamar Jackson can, Herbert can Baker Mayfield can’t.  When he was in Cleveland, I said all this snarkiness all this cockiness, you’re not going to get that extension and you’re going to get shipped.”

He added, “And you’re going to have an offensive line which is going to unveil your size, your lack of athletic ability, your lack of mobility, and it did people like how did Baker Mayfield get so bad so fast? Now the question is how did Baker Mayfield not realize how effing good that o-line and Nick Chubb were in Cleveland. it was an all-star team in Cleveland. And Baker didn’t have the self-awareness to understand.”

The Carolina Panthers are set to return to Sam Darnold as the starting quarterback of the team this week, and it seems like Baker Mayfield will not get any more opportunities in Carolina. He is a free agent after this season, and as of now, there aren’t many suitors for him, but that could change in the future.

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