Rob Gronkowski made everyone aware of how dangerous he is when he unretired to help Tom Brady to win his 7th Super Bowl title. That has resulted in many Buccaneers fans wanting him to return as their team hasn’t been at its best in the current 2022-23 season.

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski

However, the legendary tight end was seen playing a hilarious new sport. Take a look at the video below on how Rob went to try something beyond the unthinkable (in a hilarious manner).

Struggling to his bat that came flying out of his hand when he tried to swing it, Rob Gronkowski should get a message from his buddy – Tom Brady on how fast he should return to the football field, choosing a sport which he absolutely dominates.

What is Rob Gronkowski doing now?

He played with Brady for nine seasons, wherein he registered over 7,860 receiving yards and 79 TouchDowns on 521 receptions and 794 total targets. Just signifies what an absolute beast this tight end had been in the NFL.

Robert Gronkowski 2
Robert Gronkowski

Having retired from the NFL, he made his announcement official in June. Tampa Bay Buccaneers would want him to unretire though, as Brady and Mike Evans desperately need him to.

As in the 2022-23 season, Tom Brady has Cameron Brate and Cade Otton as his chief tight end targets. On the note, it is safe to state that none of those two are close to what Gronkowski used to be in his prime and as Brady’s top tight end during their days together with the New England Patriots.

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