Elijah Moore fires shot at Zach Wilson after he threw shade at defensive unit for Week 11 loss

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After running back Breece Hall tore his ACL in Week 7, the New York Jets have lost two of their last three games. Their most recent loss came in Week 11 against the New England Patriots, where the Jets were only able to score 3 points in 4 quarters. This resulted in wide receiver Elijah Moore calling out his own Quarterback for playing blame-game.

Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson

After Wilson endured his worst performance in Week 11, coach Robert Saleh indicated at the possibility of benching his #1 Quarterback in the next game. In response, WR Elijah Moore took to Instagram with a photo of himself throwing a football, taking a cheeky dig at Zach for not taking up accountability for the team’s loss against Patriots.

While one has to acknowledge that by no means Saleh would like to hand over the job to Elijah Moore, yet the above-mentioned 10-3 loss that ended on a punt return touchdown showed the worst of this team in 2022 and prompted scathing responses from the coaching staff and players alike

What’s next for New York Jets and Elijah Moore?

When Zach decided to blame the loss on his defensive unit, Garrett Wilson came out to throw shades at the former star, indicating that rather than the defense, it was the offense which was shit.

Elijah Moore
Elijah Moore

So, clearly things have gone wrong within the Jets’ organization. Probably getting worse after the Week 11 loss, where players are busy taking cheeky digs at one other.

That being said, will Saleh start backup Joe Flacco? Will Flacco be returning to the starting lineup and replace Wilson in Week 12 against the Chicago Bears? Only time will tell, but at this point, this New York franchise have to do something to keep their season afloat before things get out of control.

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