Russell Wilson might throw fewer TouchDowns than the number of bathrooms in his $25 Million mansion

Nathaniel Hackett and Russell Wilson

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Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson’s first year stint has been abysmal. With the team inches away from being thrown out of the playoff race, even mathematically, modern day fans have witnessed probably the worst ever season individually. Probably Broncos had to suffer majorly as well, as their #1 Quarterback failed to fire, being well below-average in the first 11 weeks of the current season.

Russell Wilson - Denver Broncos
Russell Wilson – Denver Broncos

This has never gone Russell Wilson’s way this season. Game after game, more of his voids were out in the open. He has not only failed to lead his unit but as even caused them to lose frequently. There were even reports of the Broncos players being frustrated by their QB failing to find them.

Broncos have played 10 games in the regular season, wherein they have lost 7. On the same note, while discussing the struggles of Denver Broncos, one Reddit user pointed out how Russell Wilson might throw fewer TouchDowns than the bathroom in his enormous $25 Million mansion.

Russell Wilson’s stint with Broncos going bad to worse

The spoken off user wrote that thus far, “Wilson has thrown 7 touchdowns in 10 games. If he proceeds further averaging the same, he will end the season with 11.9 TDs.”

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

To those who are unaware, let me bring you all to the same page – Russell Wilson has got 12 bathrooms in his $25 million mansion. In April this year, the #1 Quarterback of Denver Broncos had bought a $25 million mansion spread across 20,000 square feet which contains as many as 12 bathrooms.

While Broncos have struggled, Seattle Seahawks have emerged as a much better unit without Russell Wilson.

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