“He gotta be gone, he cannot come back to Arizona”- Former NFL player urges the Cardinals to fire Kliff Kingsbury

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Kliff Kingsbury is under a lot of pressure and a former NFL player has urged the Cardinals to fire their head coach.

Kliff Kingsbury and Kyler Murray

The Arizona Cardinals have had a terrible season thus far, and the situation with Kliff Kingsbury and the team is not looking good as a result of the Cardinals’ poor performance. Kingsbury is in a difficult position after the news that quarterback Kyler Murray will be out for the remainder of the season.

Many people believe that the Cardinals should fire Kliff Kingsbury and hire a new head coach who will be able to make the most of Kyler Murray’s abilities. Emmanuel Acho, a former linebacker with the Eagles, is similarly of the opinion that the Cardinals should dismiss Kingsbury.

Talking about it, Acho said, “Where in the world do the Cardinals go from here? I look at it like this. Kliff Kingsbury. He gotta be gone. He cannot come back to Arizona. I haven’t seen any fight from the Cardinals. Number one. Number two, they don’t respect Kliff, Kingsbury and number three, most importantly, he never should have been higher.”

He added, “Though remember, Kliff, Kingsbury was 35 and 40 as a head coach in college, he had Patrick Mahomes and went five and seven in college and Kliff. Kingsbury fail forward, he failed forward, it actually makes no sense that he ever got the job in the first place…”

Things haven’t become any easier for the Cardinals as last night they lost to the Denver Broncos, who were without Russell Wilson. There is a strong possibility that Kingsbury won’t return as the Cardinals HC next season, as the franchise quarterback himself is kind of fed up with him.

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