Desmond Ridder to the Falcons seems to be the new mantra for all football fans based in Atlanta. When did this happen at the latest? After Carolina Panthers beat the Falcons 25-15 in a midst of a national televised game. With Marcus Mariota led offense miserably failing to fire it seems like the ‘Ridder to Falcons’ chants have got a new addition.

Desmond Ridder
Desmond Ridder

Mina Kimes indicated who the Falcons should consider switching Mariota with rookie Quarterback Desmond Ridder, who seems to have the majority behind him.

To those who are not aware, Falcons once again gave away a chance to bring momentum of NFC South division in their favor. If they would’ve beaten the Panthers, they could have led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by one-game. However, Falcons were brutally dominated by a stacked Panthers defense.

Is Desmond Ridder the solution to Falcons’ offensive woes

Mariota was a big part of the failure against the Panthers – he completed 19-of-30 for 186 yards, 2 TouchDowns and one absolutely ridiculous interception.

Amid extensive criticism coach Arthur Smith was inquired upon whether Desmond Ridder could be the change that Falcons need to acquire as early as they can, to which he responded. “No. You can make it about the Quarterback but what about the team?”

Desmond Ridder is more athletic and can dynamically change the offensive force for this team. Given that the Falcons are as it is looking for a change and for fresher ideas, Ridder can be their x-factor. Who knows maybe his chance could be in the making against the Chicago Bears in Week 10.

Desmond Ridder 2
Desmond Ridder

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