Shaquille Leonard gets brutally honest on harsh reality he’s facing amid woeful injury concerns


If there is one player who has suffered almost in every game – it is Indianapolis Colts star Shaquille Leonard who has not only had a surgery on his back in the summer. But in just the first 9 weeks of the 2022-23 regular season, he has suffered a concussion, a nose injury and an ankle issue as well.

Shaquille Leonard
Shaquille Leonard

While his Colts hasn’t been able to able to register consecutive wins in this season, Shaquille Leonard is one player every Colt-fan wishes for to be back in full health. On the same note, Leonard recently revealed the harsh reality he has been living in amid the myriad of injuries he has fight through since the beginning of this season.

“The past two games, I see myself moving around better, but it’s still not there,” Leonard said, via James Boyd of The Athletic. “That nerve still isn’t firing into my calf, so it’s just a lot of film study. I think that’s the reason why I can play today is because of how much film that I’ve watched, and I’ve got to put myself into position to make a play because I know I’m a step behind.”

How has Shaquille Leonard performed for the Indianapolis Colts in this season?

To those who are not aware, Colts hold a 3-5-1 record and would be up against the Las Vegas Chargers in an attempt to bounce back to winning ways. Being on the edge of falling off the playoff-cliff, the former team required Leonard to come back for them sooner rather than later.

It’s hard. It’s hard being in and out, especially one, not being the starter and two, missing games, splitting reps, not playing, pitch count. There’s a lot of frustration,” Leonard added. “It’s a lot of things that I can’t control. I’m always talking about controlling what I can control and that is coming to work every day with a great mindset. Being able to help others, help the (linebackers) out, so I don’t shy away from that.”

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