Aaron Rodgers could have ended his footballing career on a peak after winning his second consecutive MVP accolade. Even then, he decided to return with the Green Bay Packers for the 2022-23 season. Many thought that Rodgers would have the same magic as before even with Davante Adams parting ways with the team.

Aaron Rodgers vs Cowboys
Aaron Rodgers

Since then, the Packers have failed to capitalize on their positive start. And have gone register a five-game losing streak, wherein their latest loss was against the worst-rated defense in the league. Having just scored 9 points, Rodgers was miserable in leading his side. In simpler terms, he could perhaps be deemed as the reason why Packers lost.

A-Rod threw 2 interceptions inside the 5-yard line, which made the Green Army lose all momentum against Detroit Lions. This ensured that when his former teammate – Greg Jennings appeared on the latest episode of the Herd with Colin Cowherd, he had utmost freedom in pitching the ‘most’ bizarre idea.

Greg Jennings on Aaron Rodgers

Jennings quoted, “I don’t think he’d be offended by it. I think you try to save face when you’re talking about your fan base, because this is not a team that we ever expect to tank. I wouldn’t say that this is why they would do it just to tank. That’s not what they’re about.

“They have a three-game gauntlet, with the Dallas Cowboys, the Tennessee Titans, and then the Philadelphia Eagles on the road. Like, you lose two of those three? I believe you start Jordan Love if you lose all those three. Yeah, you might as well just insert him. That’s because for me, the season is a loss.”

Aaron Rodgers 6
Aaron Rodgers

The last time when Packers suffered five-straight losses (2008), they finished on a 6-10 record. Interestingly that team had both Rodgers and Jennings in it.

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