It seems like Washington Commanders have run all out of options to defend themselves in front of D.C.’s Attorney General. Their most recent decision to shockingly invoke running back Brian Robinson’s recent shooting justifies just the same. However, this has only gone onto make the entire mess even more appalling.

Brian Robinson 2
Brian Robinson

When Brian Robinson’s camp was made aware of this move by the Commanders – a move made to completely drag the name of the 23-year-old’s name into mud, they decided to call out the entire organization who seems to be surrounded from all sights.

Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson

But first let me get you all to the same page – Robinson was shot nearly three months ago in Washington. The NFL RB recovered from the near-death experience and apparently the franchise thought it would be a great idea to use his case as a shield against Attorney General Karl Racine.

Brian Robinson’s camp takes a massive dig at Washington Commanders

“Less than three months ago, a 23-year-old player on our team was shot multiple times, in broad daylight,” the Washington Commanders said, as per ClutchPoints.

Despite the out-of-control violent crime in D.C., today the Washington Commanders learned for the first time on Twitter that the D.C. Attorney General will be holding a press conference to ‘make a major announcement’ related to the organization tomorrow.”

“Up until an hour ago, the Commanders handled the Brian Robinson situation with so much care, sincerity and class. And I was so grateful for all of it. Although I know that there are some great humans in that building, whoever is hiding behind this statement is not one of them,” agent Ryan Williams wrote in his recent tweet.

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