The likes of Jalen Hurts and Josh Allen might be the hyped MVP favorites for the MVP race, but one player which is slogging to make his team register in the playoffs is – Seattle Seahawks Quarterback, Geno Smith. While the team gave up on Russell Wilson before the start of the 2022-23 season, it seems like there has been no change in momentum.

Geno Smith
Geno Smith

After leading the Seahawks to 6 wins out of 9 contests, Geno Smith has been once again appreciated by NFL Analyst and former player – Dan Orlovsky, who feels the former is playing like the Top 5 QBs in the league, to this day.

Dan Orlovsky said on the latest episode of First Take, “Geno Smith is playing top-five quarterback in the NFL right now. All the hard stuff, when it come to operational space in the pocket and getting from #1, to #2, to #3…the creativity when plays kinda breakdown Geno Smith is doing it really well.”

NFL Analyst on how Geno Smith will perform against the Tamp Bay Bucs

Given that Tom Brady and his Bucs have recently edged past the LA Rams in emphatic fashion, their morale will be high but don’t count Smith out just yet. At least not with what we have seen from the Seahawks’ #1 QB in this season, in the first 9 weeks.

Orlovsky concluded, “I’ll tell you this Geno Smith is the best Quarterback in the NFL when it comes to zone-coverage. I mean he ‘heats’ it up. He’s gonna have a great game against the Tampa Bay.”

Safe to say Geno Smith is enjoying his late breakout season in Seattle. From being a disappointing second-round pick of the Jets to a marquee QB who is leading a franchise, Smith has done it all. At the age of 32, he is headed to his first Pro Bowl nod, by leading the NFL in completion percentage (73.1) and is third in passing efficiency (107.2 rating).

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