Kirk Cousins-led Minnesota Vikings have been sensational in the 2022-23 regular season after the first 9 weeks. Having registered a tally of 7 wins in 8 contests, they are well ahead in their respective division and are inches away from sealing their playoff berth, even in the worst case.

January 11, 2020, Santa Clara, California, USA: 8 Kirk Cousins responding to a play during the NFC Divisional Game, Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ers game on January 11, 2020. NFL, American Football Herren, USA NFC Divisional Game the Minnesota Vikings vs. San Francisco 49ers (10-27) – ZUMAh148 20200111_zap_h148_058 Copyright: xDaltonxHammx

While many have been impressed by Kirk Cousins and the resilience he has shown over several tight games in the seasons, veteran sports media personality – Skip Bayless is till not confident in his abilities for big games. To of which are coming in upcoming weeks – Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys.

Bayless said on the latest episode of Undisputed, “I’m gonna be nice to Kirk Cousins today and I’m gonna give him 3 to him, on a scale of trust ability…because the truth is – he will come back to haunt you when you least expect it. So, he gonna go to Buffalo and then come back and play my Dallas Cowboys. These are two very big games for them, which will either be season makers or breakers. I believe he will lose both of these games.”

Skip Bayless highlights just why he doesn’t trust Kirk Cousins in big games

“I know that Kirk Cousins against my Dallas Cowboys is 2-8, against Dak Prescott he’s 1-4. The thing is my backup QB – Andy Dalton went up there and outgunned Cousins 31-28.”

Then Bayless went out to compare how Cooper Rush went to outplay and out-QBR Cousins 20-16, giving more justification for his reasoning. If Kirk Cousins is to register a famous win against the in-form Bills, who might not be having Josh Allen at their disposal, he and star receiver – Justin Jefferson need to bring out their A-Game.

Cooper Rush
Cooper Rush

Having already shown their metal, it is now all about showcasing how hard Minnesota Vikings can fight against the top guns.

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