Josh McDaniels is under immense pressure as the Las Vegas Raiders continue to struggle this season.

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"He has blown 17 Point leads three times"- NFL Analyst casts his doubts over Josh McDaniels 2

The Las Vegas Raiders made some great moves ahead of this season and were primed to be a pretty good team this season. New head coach Josh McDaniels was brought in from the Patriots to lead the Raiders.

However, things haven’t gone as planned for the Las Vegas Raiders as they are currently 2-6 and are potentially out of the playoff race. Head coach Josh McDaniels’ job is under pressure after a series of bad results. Recently, former NFL Scout and current analyst John Middlekauff spoke about the situation in Las Vegas.

Talking about it, John Middlekauff said, I thought Josh McDaniels. I don’t know if that’d be like Sean McVeigh or Kyle Shanahan or something, but I thought it’d be a pretty good coach. He has blown 17 Point leads three times. It’s November 6.”

He added, “This guy had been a head coach before. And then he gets his opportunity after waiting forever, like now he’s equipped. And then he gets a good team. He gets a team full of sweet players, who then trades for Davante Adams. And they just go back-to-back games, losing to the saints, and then losing to the f*cking Jaguars.”

He continued, “Now, I don’t know if he gets fired. I’m not saying Mark Davis is going to fire him or even should. But I do wonder if you’re the owner, you gotta be like, Did I make a royal mistake?”

As of now, Josh McDaniels’ job is safe but we could see some changes going forward if things don’t improve for the Las Vegas Raiders who are a part of one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

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