Richard Sherman doesn’t believe Aaron Rodgers has built chemistry with the new players on the Green Bay Packers.

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"Aaron Rodgers don't trust nobody"- Richard Sherman is worried about the Green Bay Packers 2

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have had a tonne of trouble this season, and a significant portion of that is attributable to the fact that Davante Adams left to play for the Las Vegas Raiders, and the team has not been able to find a suitable replacement for him.

The Green Bay Packers currently have a record of 3-5 after suffering yet another defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills last week. The Packers are in a very precarious position to make the playoffs with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. Richard Sherman is also pretty concerned about the state of the Packers because Aaron Rodgers has not been able to connect with his new receivers. This is one of the reasons why Richard Sherman is concerned about the Packers.

Talking about it, Richard Sherman said, “Aaron Rodgers don’t trust nobody. Like who does he trust? nobody. We’re gonna pass it to when the clutch nobody like what I’m telling you right now is it’s tough on A-Rod right now.”

He added, “The only chance you got is that seventh seed and that’s not going to be easy to grab with the teams playing well in front of them. I don’t see a savior in sight. I’m not thinking Christian Watson is gonna be the savior. I’m not thinking Alan Lazard is gonna be the savior. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t think they’re gonna be saved. So unless OBJ walks through that door and they can convince him, Hasta La Vista.”

Rodgers will hope to turn things around for the Packers this week as they prepare to face the Detroit Lions and get back to winning ways.

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