LeBron James was seen to be ecstatic on his Twitter account as the Cleveland Browns defeated the Carolina Panthers in the NFL season opener.

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LeBron James ecstatic as the Cleveland Browns defeat the Carolina Panthers in NFL season opener 3

LeBron James is widely regarded as one of the best players in the game, as well as one of the greatest players to have ever stepped on a basketball court.

Apart from his incredible physique, mentality and his longevity, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar is also known for his infectious enthusiasm towards other sports in the country–as he has provided many instances in the past.

James gave another instance of his enthusiasm towards another sport when he wrote about the Cleveland Browns defeating the Carolina Panthers in the NFL season opener.

The National Football League (NFL) season kicked off when the Cleveland Browns faced off against the Carolina Panthers at the Bank of America Stadium–and millions of Americans watched on.

It proved to be an exciting encounter as the Cleveland Browns prevailed over the Carolina Panthers by a score of 26 to 24, in order to kick their season off in style. And to nobody’s surprise, LeBron was there on Twitter to celebrate the occasion in full voice.

What did LeBron have to say about the Browns defeating the Panthers?

King James took to Twitter to encapsulate his thoughts on the Browns defeating the Panthers.

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LeBron James ecstatic as the Cleveland Browns defeat the Carolina Panthers in NFL season opener 4

LeBron wrote on his Twitter account: “WOW BROWNIES!!!!!!!! @Browns AYYYYEEEEEE” to showcase his support for the football team hailing from Cleveland.

LeBron has often been known to be a Browns fan, having grown up in Akron, Ohio while supporting the local football team. If that was not obvious enough, he put speculation about him supporting any other football team to rest by wishing the Browns good luck ahead of the season.

“HERE WE GO!!!!! Best of luck Gang all season long. To great health throughout this journey ahead!” wrote LeBron before the Browns took the field at the Bank of America Stadium to kick off their NFL season, and it was visibly clear that King James was ecstatic after his team won the game.

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