Kevin Durant and James Harden were recently spotted together in a concert by Travis Scott, and NBA Fans were quick to react to it.

Kevin Durant and James Harden have played together twice in their careers. Both times, their team was a legit championship contender. Unfortunately, both the times their teams got worse after Harden left were disastrous.

Kevin Durant and James Harden
"More time together at this show than they played together in Brooklyn" - Kevin Durant and James Harden enjoying Travis Scott concert leads to hilarious takes on Twitter 2

First, it was at OKC, where Harden was traded to the Rockets, as OKC wasn’t willing to pay the money that Harden desired. The second time, Harden left the Nets because of all the drama surrounding Kyrie Irving, and he forced his way out of Brooklyn.

After Harden left the Nets, the franchise crumbled. Both KD and Kyrie are also possibly on their way out, and the franchise is heading toward a bad period. Maybe Harden was right along and made the right decision to leave Brooklyn to join Philadelphia.

Recently, both Harden and KD were seen together at a Travis Scott concert. They were enjoying their time together, and it seems like the duo has reconciled after their fallout last season.

The NBA Fans were quick to react after finally seeing Harden and Kevin Durant together in good spirits, and these were some of the best reactions to it.

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