Modern Warfare 2 Strategy Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks You Should Know


Modern Warfare 2 strategy guide will help you with the best tips and tricks so that you can become the best and beat everyone.

With the campaign taking place in late 2022, Modern Warfare II is an indirect continuation of the 2019 reboot entry. In addition to diving to prone, mantle, and ledge hang, slide cancellation has been removed. Leaning out of vehicle windows, mantling onto a vehicle roof, and hijacking are among the new vehicle gameplay features. Leveling and gunsmith systems have been revamped to allow players to choose the attachments that best suit their play styles.

In addition, it features a firing range for practice as well as weapon platforms with branching progression to lessen repetition. Keeping all these things in mind, here is the Modern Warfare 2 strategy guide that will help you with the best tips and tricks.


Modern Warfare 2 strategy guide: Communication

When it comes to the Modern Warfare 2 strategy guide, communication is the most basic and important part. Call of Duty emphasizes the importance of communication with your team, especially as you face increasingly experienced and challenging opponents. The locational Ping system is highly recommended for this reason. With the ping button, you’ll be able to select alerts that include Watch, Loot, Attack, Help, Go, Regroup, Defend, and Quiet.

Modern Warfare 2 strategy guide: Melee attacks

It will take practice to incorporate melee attacks into your gameplay, but it’s highly recommended. The most effective way to kill your opponent in close-combat situations, such as when you run into enemies unexpectedly when rounding a corner, is to use melee, as you’ll have time to land between one and two melee hits before your opponent is able to effectively ADS and land a few hits.

Stealth will help you

It is much easier to sneak up behind someone or land headshots from a distance than to take on an army on your own. There are several sections of the campaign that promote stealth gameplay. If you play stealthy, you can complete most of ‘Wetwork,’ ‘Recon by Fire,’ and ‘Alone.’ If you ever make a mistake, reload a checkpoint. Remember that melee finishers are guaranteed kills.


In case something goes wrong, you can always reload a checkpoint. Modern Warfare 2’s checkpoint system saves quite often and is incredibly useful. As soon as you damage or kill a crucial target in ‘Countdown’ or ‘Ghost Team’, head to safety and wait for a checkpoint. This should protect you from ending up in a “death loop,” where you just die after spawning.

Use Mount

With Modern Warfare 2, the cover is your best friend, especially on Veteran difficulty. You can mount your weapon on the cover if you’re close to it, which increases your accuracy and minimizes body exposure. It’s relatively safe to mount a weapon on the cover, even on Veteran difficulty. Your goal should be to fight from cover at all times. Locate a segment of cover and mount your weapon at the beginning of any engagement.

Dying will help you too

When you die, make sure you pay attention to the death screen, which shows a live view of the map zoomed out. You’ll be able to watch players traverse the map for a brief moment as they fight. In this way, you can decide which lanes and areas you want to explore when respawning.

Riot shields are very helpful

A riot shield should always be taken if you find one. During the ‘Prison Break’ level, your allies can handle a firefight that takes place in the mess hall. It’s especially useful during the firefight in the mess hall. Use the shield and let your allies do the heavy lifting.


A tactical Camera allows you to monitor

Easily one of the most overlooked Field Upgrades is the Tactical Camera. The Tactical Camera is an all-new item that enables you to monitor areas around the map essentially as a security camera. The camera is ideal for observing high-traffic lanes, commonly camped areas, choke points, and objectives. It can even be used to keep an eye on your six, as you’ll hear a sound when an enemy is captured.

Do not travel through the main lanes

You will mostly take the main lane which meets in the middle of most maps in MW2, but we recommend you avoid them at all costs, especially if you are not prepared for the chaos that will ensue. By scouting along the outskirts, you can outsmart your opponents and pick them off as they cross your path as you head toward the middle of the map.

Keep moving

When an enemy targets you, always move. Consequently, you should incorporate the movement technique known as strafing into your style of play, particularly when you shoot at enemies, as you’re much more likely to avoid bullets that are aimed at you. You walk side-to-side when strafing if you’re new to the series.

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