How to use Smoke Bombs in Gotham Knights


In this guide, we will tell you how to use Gotham Knights smoke bombs. These bombs are life saviors so you need to know about them.

Gotham Knights smoke bombs offer you the perfect escape route when you want to escape combat quickly. They briefly stun your enemies as you slip away. It is not intuitive how to use it, especially since it is triggered by the same button that controls another thing. 

You can’t just throw down these distraction devices in the middle of a fight if you want to escape danger in Gotham Knights. So read this article till the end to know everything about Gotham Knights smoke bombs.

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Gotham Knights gameplay

How to use Gotham Knights smoke bombs

You must be able to grapple to a nearby ledge to use a Gotham Knights smoke bomb. These can be found pretty much everywhere so you shouldn’t have to actively search for them. 

You can activate it by holding the grapple button, which by default is L1 or LB, instead of tapping it. Your enemies will be disoriented and lose sight of you while your enemies throw down a smoke bomb and grapple you away to safety. Smoke bombs can only be triggered during combat, so you need a break to refocus and return to stealth so you can resume sneak takedowns. 

Thus, while traveling around Gotham City, you won’t have to worry about accidentally wasting them. It is always possible to check the number of Gotham Knight smoke bombs you have left by opening the Batcomputer menu, selecting the Gear tab, and looking in the bottom left corner. Whenever you end a patrol in the Belfry, you replenish your supply of them. You start a Night Patrol with ten of them.

Things to keep in mind

The smoke bomb can be used to escape a group of enemies by holding the grapple button, which is F on the keyboard, L1 on the PS5, and LB on the Xbox. You can knock your enemies to the ground by standing close enough. Other people around you will lose sight of you and begin to look around the area. This is an excellent way to escape confrontations if you’ve suffered too much damage.

Gotham Knights gameplay
Gotham Knights gameplay

Almost immediately in Gotham Knights, you realize that you aren’t going to win every fight. Rather than succumbing to the criminals roaming Gotham City streets, it is better to survive the night and keep your resources. In Gotham Knights, smoke bombs can be very helpful.

All you need to know about grappling in Gotham Knights is to keep holding the grapple button to escape awkward situations.

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