How to unlock the Zora Armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Want to know how to unlock the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor set? This guide will help you to find this set.

Acquiring the Zora Armor set is a crucial objective for players in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Like Breath of the Wild, this armor set is composed of three separate pieces, each of which offers its own underwater enhancement abilities to Link. By unlocking the full potential of this armor set, players can significantly improve their chances of success in the game’s underwater sections.

This guide aims to provide a detailed, step-by-step approach to finding each piece of the Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor set. Players will need to complete several quests and overcome numerous challenges to obtain all three pieces of the armor set. However, with a little persistence and effort, players will be able to enhance Link’s underwater performance significantly and gain a significant edge in the game.

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How to unlock the Zora Armor set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 2

Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor Location 

To get the complete Zora Armor set, players need to go through several quests. The Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor set is comprised of three pieces: Zora Helm, Zora Greaves, and Zora Armor chest piece. Each of these pieces requires a separate quest to obtain.

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However, obtaining the Zora Armor chest piece is not too complicated, as it is part of the game’s main questline. Once you complete the related quest, you will receive the chest piece, which is the most critical part of the set. But to unlock the full potential of the Zora Armor set, you must complete two additional side quests to get the remaining pieces.

In other words, you will need to undertake three quests in total to obtain the full set. Obtaining the Zora Armor set can be a bit of a challenge, but it is worth it for the benefits it provides. With the full set, you will be able to swim faster, climb waterfalls, and gain protection against electric attacks.

Zora Armor Quest 

Once you finish The Sludge-Covered Statue quest, you can progress to the Sidon of the Zora quest. In this quest, you will encounter Lady Yona, who will inform you that she has the Zora Armor set in her possession, but it is damaged, and she needs your assistance to repair it.

To help Lady Yona with the repairs, you will need to obtain an Ancient Arowana, which can be found in various locations such as Mipha Court and Great Sky Island. To catch the fish, you can dash into it while in the water. Once you have caught the Ancient Arowana, bring it back to Lady Yona to complete the quest and continue your journey to acquire the Zora Armor set.

Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor Greaves Location 

If you’re looking to obtain the Zora Greaves, then you’ll need to complete a side quest called “A Token of Friendship,” which Lady Yona gives you after completing the “Restoring the Zora Armor” quest. Once you have the quest, you can find the Zora Greaves in the Ancient Zora Waterworks located in the East Reservoir Lake. To reach the Waterworks, you’ll need to dive into an active whirlpool.

Once you’ve reached the bottom of the Waterworks, move behind the large structure in the center until you find a hole. Then, drop down and run forward while avoiding the Stone Talus by hugging the rightmost wall. Keep going until you find a platform hidden behind a waterfall, which holds the chest containing the Zora Greaves. Once you have obtained the Zora Greaves, you’ll only need to find the final piece to complete the Zora Armor set.

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Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor Helm Location 

The Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor Helm is located on Sky Island, and obtaining it requires you to complete The Never-Ending Lecture side quest. To begin this quest, speak to Khira and Chroma to the left of King Dorephan’s throne in Zora’s Domain. They will be discussing a lecture, which will trigger the quest.

To obtain the Zora Helm, you must get to Floating Scales Island, which you may have visited during the Clues to the Sky quest. Once on the island, move to the southernmost point, which resembles the tail of a fish. Move to the right side near the edge and look north to see a small hole in the island. Paraglide into the hole and retrieve the Zora Helm from the chest at the end of the short hall.

In conclusion, obtaining the Tears of the Kingdom Zora Armor set is a crucial aspect of Tears of the Kingdom. Each piece of the set enhances Link’s performance underwater and gives him unique abilities to navigate through the water world of the game. By completing the Restoring the Zora Armor, A Token of Friendship, and The Never-Ending Lecture side quests, you can obtain all three pieces of the set, unlocking its full potential and making Link strong.

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