Want to play with Modern Warfare 2 blue dot reticles? Do not worry because your search is over. We will guide you in this article.

Among the numerous customization options available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the refined Gunsmith 2.0 system offers players the ability to add various attachments to their guns. One of the most popular is the blue dot optic.

In many previous Call of Duty titles, reticulum customization played a major role, and with the revamped gunsmith system, players have been aiming to find the blue sights from the past. Despite the lack of a menu to customize your dots this time around, you can still unlock specific attachments containing the blue dots and fit them to a variety of weapons without having to unlock them for every gun again and again. Continue reading below to know everything about Modern Warfare 2 blue dot reticles.

Cronen Mini rpo
Cronen Mini rpo

How to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 Blue Dot?

Two specific attachments in the gunsmith are the only thing you need to unlock to get this prize. The Cronen Mini Pro and Corio RE-X Pro both come with these attachments. Thankfully, this is a one-time process because MW2’s gunsmith allows players to use items from specific weapons in general.

Alternate dot weapons in Modern Warfare 2?

Both sights will be unlocked and available to add to your loadout once you have completed the tasks. Therefore, you must level up particular weapons in order to unlock the Cronen Mini Pro or the Corio RE-X Pro. Fortunately, none of these processes should be time-consuming.

  • Cronen Mini Pro: Reach level 7 with the Expedite-12 shotgun
  • Corio RE-X Pro: Reach level 4 with the .50 GS handgun

Corio RE-X Pro

A small section of the body frame of the Corio RE-X Pro will block your field of view when you aim down sight. A blue reticle is easy to see on any terrain or map, making it easier to fire the gun more accurately.

Corio re-x pro
Corio re-x pro

Cronen Mini Pro

The Cronen Mini Red Dot can only be unlocked by leveling up three guns (1x Assault Rifle, 1x Battle Rifle, 1x Submachine Gun) as a result of the modifications Infinity Ward implemented with the Gunsmith system. Upon unlocking the Mini Red Dot, players can use it without doing anything else with most guns.

Invasion, Ground War, Hardpoint, or Headquarters are good games in which to level up these guns (or any gun in general). A player will earn EXP for weapons based on their performance during a match, including kills and objectives completed. Additionally, players can activate 2X Weapon EXP for even faster weapon advancement.

There is a bit of an uphill battle between the two options, but the Cronen Mini Pro is probably the best choice. Since it’s more like Call of Duty’s classic Dot Sight, it should be more intuitive to both experienced players and newcomers.

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