How to Unlock Arknights Prelude to Dawn Pack?



Do you want to unlock the Arknights Prelude to Dawn and Perish In Frost Packs. Check our guide and find the price for these two exclusive packs in Arknights along with new content. 

Arknights is a tower defense and tactical role playing game. In Arknights, players take part in strategy-based battles. Here, you take on roles as Operators. Both melee and ranged operators are good for battles of Arknights. Melee operators are placed on ground tiles and Ranged operators are deployed on elevated tiles. Arknights also has an Auto Deploy system and this allows operators to fight themselves.

To win Arknights battles, you have to place your operators on the correct tiles and use your strategies as well. Join with Amiya in Rhodes island and recruit the strongest operators to your squad and fight against members of other factions. As you progress, you will unlock rewards and resources for your operators. Arknights codes can be used to redeem free gifts.

With in-game events, you can unlock new content and rewards in Arknights. The new Arknights event will begin soon and this provides an opportunity for players to claim two exclusive packs that contain several rewards, gifts, collections and new content as well. The next limited-time event features the Perish In Frost Pack and Prelude to Dawn Pack.

Arknights Prelude to Dawn Pack 2024

Arknights Prelude to Dawn Pack

Perish in Frost and Arknights Prelude To Dawn packs are again coming to the item shop. Operators who have previously purchased these two content packs will not be eligible to get them again. Both these packs will be available in Arknights from February 27 to March 29. The price of the Perish in Frost pack and Prelude to Dawn pack is $29.99. Here’s what both the packs in Arknights have,

Prelude to Dawn Pack

  • Midnight Delivery Exusiai Outfit
  • Furniture Theme Set
  • Exclusive Icon
  • LMD 200000
  • 60 Strategic Battle Record
  • 3x 30 Skill Summary
  • Ten-roll Headhunting Permit

Perish In Frost Pack

  • After Storm Ch’en Outfit
  • Exclusive Icon
  • Exclusive Furniture – LGD Kiosk
  • Musical Furniture – Star of Ice
  • Top Operator Training Apparatus
  • Senior Operator Training Apparatus
  • Ten-roll Headhunting Permit

The two new packs in Arknights will feature these content and rewards. Once the new Arknights event begins, you can unlock both packs from the store and they will be available for a limited-time. With free rewards and currency, you can upgrade operators in Arknights and purchase new equipment as well. These free rewards help you progress faster in the Arknights campaign.

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That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Arknights Prelude to Dawn and Perish In Frost Packs. You can find the best operators from the Arknights Tier List.

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Right from the Prologue to the final chapter, you can skip stories in Arknights. You can either choose ‘auto’ or ‘skip’ options to complete dialogues in each story.

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