Arknights Operator Tier List (September 2023)

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Here’s our Arknights Operator tier list to help you pick the best Heroes in the game. Find the best Operators that you should be using!

Arknights is a tactical and tower defense RPG from the makers of Hypergryph and Studio Montagne. A 3D tower defense game that can be played on Mobile and PC. Arknights has regular RPG and gacha gameplay elements and mechanics. In this game, you take on the role of an operator, the operators are primary in-game characters in Arknights. There are a variety of operators in different classes. Many popular Japanese actors and actresses have given their voiceovers to the operators of Arknights. There are more than 100 operators from different classes like Melee and Ranged.

The entire story takes place on Rhodes Island and Amiya is the main protagonist and the leader of all operators in Arknights. The operators along with Amiya need to be the savior of Rhodes Island, the pharmaceutical company which is troubled by dark enemies and demons. Amiya and her operators have to travel through the darkness and fight the enemies to see light and happiness.

You need to recruit various operators and train them with weapons and powers to protect Rhodes Island and its residents to see the dawn and limelight in the end. To those who are struggling to find the best in-game characters and operators in Arknights, here’s our tier list with all the characters ranked from all 8 classes in Arknights.

Arknights Operator Tier List

Here are the best operators to use for puzzle-based combat and challenges in Arknights. The best heroes from all classes in Arknights are here,

  • S Tier – The best Operators in Arknights with powerful skills and stats can be seen here.
  • A Tier – A Tier operators can be your trump card and you can pick them for every battle
  • B Tier – The operators in B Tier are a little weaker when compared to other heroes of Arknights
  • C Tier – You can ignore the operators from this tier of Arknights


Arknights Operator tier list
SCeobe, Lava, Amiya, Greyy, Ifrit
ADusk, Skyfire, Absinthe, Rockrock, Kjera
BLava, Mint, Indigo, Iris
CLeizi, Durin, Gitano, Passenger


SMulberry, Lumen, Breeze, Folinic, Ceylon
AAnsel, Chestnut, Perfumer
BNightingale, Silence, Shining
CSussurro, Tuye, Hibiscus, Purestream, Myrrh, Ptilopsis


SGlaucus, Angelina, Ling, Mayer, Istina
AGnosis, Magallan, Deepcolor, Heidi, Podenco
BSora, Roberta, Skadi, Windflit, Pramanix
COrchid, Heidi, Scene


SAsbestos, Bubble, Horn, Eunectes, Blemishine
AAshlock, Croissant, Bison, Heavyrain, Saria
BNian, Shalem, Liskarm, Vulcan, Spot
CCzerny, Hung, Gummy


SElysium, Myrtle, Bagpipe
AYato, Flametail, Reed, Saileach, Siege
BBeanstalk, Fang, Plume, Scavenger, Grani
CCourier, Blacknight, Saga, Vigna


SAak, Cliffheart, Rope, Manticore, Weedy
AProjekt Red, Phantom, Ethan, Enforcer, Bena
BSnowsant, Mizuki, Jaye, Kafka, Robin, Frost
CKazemaru, Gravel


SAstesia, Hellagur, Lappland
ABlaze, Arene, Irene, Beehunter, Melantha
BCutter, Surtr, Broka, Swire
CPopukar, Dobermann, Whislash, Tachanka


SExusiai, Flametta, Archetto, Andreana, Blue Poison, Aciddrop, Catapult, Pinecone
AGlint, Ambriel, Poca, Rosmontis, Meteroite
BErato, Adnachiel, May
CExecutor, Provence, Firewatch, Rangers, Vermeil

Arknights Operator tier list with all the best heroes in the game are ranked in our guide. Use them to defeat your enemies and unlock new rewards in the game.

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