Want to level up fast in Modern Warfare 2? Take a look at the Modern Warfare 2 fast level up tips below to know.

Getting your profile and equipment up to date is a function of leveling up. There are two types of levels in Modern Warfare 2 right now: Player Level and Weapon Level. There are unique progression systems and rewards for each of them, and you should max out on both. 

Furthermore, there are an incredible number of weapons, killstreaks, and items in Modern Warfare 2 for you to play with, but you have to get enough XP to unlock most of them first. It is possible to level up quickly in Modern Warfare 2 in order to unlock more weapons, field upgrades, and other valuables as quickly as possible. Here are the tips for Modern Warfare 2 fast level up.


Modern Warfare 2 Fast Level up Tips

Modes and Objectives

XP will vary depending on how well you play in a match and how many objectives you complete, but there are certain modes that could make it much easier for you to gain experience quickly. It is best to avoid missions that have objectives other than killing enemy soldiers, for example.

When you complete the objectives for Domination, Headquarters, Hardpoint, and others, you get extra XP. However, these are usually dependent on your teammates and you, and some have restricted respawns as well. Those modes that emphasize defeating enemies, like Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, and Kill Confirmed, are the best to level up fast.

Assisting, grabbing dog tags, or defeating enemies in special conditions will give you 100 XP for each kill you get. Lastly, there is a specific mode that takes all these advantages and adds a new one: Invasion. These modes have the fastest respawn time, no limits on your lives, and only require you to focus on completing this basic objective.

This mode is about playing big 20v20 battles on large maps. The trick is that both sides will also receive lots of bots, which are less skilled and easier to kill than real players. As soon as you find one bot, it’s usually accompanied by another, which means you could get multiple free kills if you get the chance. Depending on your luck, you are able to use powerful kill streaks as the Juggernaut or you might grab a vehicle and simply crash your rivals over and over.

Revive Teammates

There are certain game modes such as Knockout and Prisoner Rescue that allow players to revive dead teammates during a round and bring them back into action. If you do, you will get some quick and easy XP for doing so, so we strongly recommend it. In addition to giving the team a better chance at winning, it also results in more XP. To revive a fallen ally, simply hold Square/X when prompted. This is one of the best Modern Warfare 2 Fast Level up tips you can get.

Double XP Tokens

The Double XP Tokens you earn while playing Modern Warfare 2 can be activated at any time. In most cases, these useful items last an hour or more, so do not waste precious minutes in the menus. They work exactly what they promise, lasting around an hour in real time, not in-game time.

Prior to popping the Token, we advise joining any available lobbies and organizing your loadouts. By packing in as many games as you can, you can maximize the double XP time.

Double XP Weekends

Every now and then, the developers will hold Double XP Weekends, during which progress will be doubled across all modes, giving everyone an opportunity to rank up quickly. If you want to reach the next Prestige rank as soon as possible, you need to take full advantage of these opportunities. 

Infinity Ward and Activision usually announce events like these well in advance, so keep an eye out for the next one. Many players forgets this, so keep this in your mind among all other Modern Warfare 2 fast level up tips.


Suppression Mine Field Upgrade

In our list of Modern Warfare 2 fast level up tips, this one is kind of a loophole that gamers have found. The Suppression Mine Field Upgrade slows down enemies and obscures their vision by emitting an audible wave of sound. When you throw one of these on an enemy tank, it automatically falls within the range of multiple players, earning you a lot of XP. 

If you want to stay out of the tank’s view, you can drop them from the top of buildings. Although there’s a good probability that this loophole will eventually be fixed, for now, it’s a reliable way to advance fast.

Daily Challenges

Playing Daily Challenges is an easy way to earn a lot of player XP without much effort. Each challenge is worth 2,500 XP, and you get three each day. They usually have simple objectives, such as getting three headshots with snipers, killing a certain number of enemies with a certain perk, or simply defeating a certain number of enemies.

A Bonus Challenge will be unlocked once you complete all three Daily Challenges. This one rewards you with 10,000 XP upon completion, and its objective is similar to the others, but usually with more details or bigger kill counts. Additionally, there are Daily and Bonus Challenges in Spec Ops, so you can complete many challenges every day by alternating between different modes.

So these were some of the best Modern Warfare 2 fast level up tips that will help you to level up fast in the game.

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