How To Help Pandirna In Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Unlock the path to aiding Pandirna in Baldur’s Gate 3. Our guide outlines the steps and choices to make to be her trusted companion.

Players in Baldur’s Gate 3 have to overcome some tricky challenges and side-quests in the Druid Grove. Especially, the act one quests in grove are essential for your progress in the game. In Emerald Grove, you have to help an NPC named Pandirna who is also suffering from the effects of Paralysis. Pandirna is trapped in the Hollow inside a storage shack. You have to find and interact with a Rat to discover further about Pandirna.

Also, you can unlock a treasure chest where Pandirna is locked. But before getting the chest rewards, you have to find Pandirna and untie her. This quest is simple and will unlock more stories in the first act. Pandirna is locked inside a pantry near the storage shack and you can find the exact location after meeting a rat. Here’s all about Pandirna in Baldur’s Gate 3 and tips to help her in this quest.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Pandirna Quest Guide and Walkthrough!

Baldur's Gate 3 Pandirna

Travel to the emerald grove and reach the Hollow. Here, you will be able to spot many rats. Interact with the one that has a broken tooth. You can use your wisdom skills or any animal speaking spells to interact with a rat. The rat will lead you to the location where Pandirna is trapped.

Pandirna will be seen inside a pantry and she’s guarding the storage area. You have to pass Persuasion and Skill checks along with your party members to meet her. You have to lockpick the door and use stealth skills to enter inside. Also, beware of guardians near the jail.

Once you meet Pandirna, she will inform you about her Paralysis that’s caused because of drinking a bad potion given by Auntie Ethel to increase her dexterity, courage and strength. But this has resulted badly and she’s lost her mobility completely. Spells are the only ways to cure this disease.

You can use restoration healing spells to cure her disease and she will thank you for the help and allow you to stay with her inside the storage shack as well. A Lesser Restoration spell can be used for curing her quickly.

Also, make sure you have taken a long rest before casting the spells. Pandirna will ask you to not touch anything inside the area and this can be difficult as the rat needs to open the treasure chest as well. You have to use stealth skills again and sneak over the treasure chest and unlock it. 

The rat’s chest offers plenty of rewards like Gold, Pantry Keys, Misc Items and more.

That’s how you can help the Tiefling NPC, Pandirna in Baldur’s Gate 3. After saving her, you will be able to befriend Tieflings and unlock more storylines with them.

Saving Pandirna is important in the first act as this helps you progress in her stories. Also, you will be able to play more side-quests connected with the Tieflings. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Wizard a good class in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Wizards are your magical heroes. They have massive abilities and can deal colossal damage. The best thing about playing as a wizard in Baldur’s Gate 3 is you get access to all types of spells and scrolls. Wizard is an arcane magic and stun enemies with their crowd control and status ailment effects. You can pair wizards with cleric and druid.

Can you Use Mods in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Many players have started to use mods in BG 3 as no one wants to play only limited content. Mods expand your in-game levels and stats and this makes it hard for players to avoid these mods. But using mods is always risky and can be avoided.

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