How to Get Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Best Methods


If you are short of Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones and want to get more of them, then here are the best methods to get them.

Among the many currencies, you can get in Disney Dreamlight Valley are moonstones. In addition to boosting your Star Path and unlocking a variety of premium rewards, moonstones are the most premium of all premium currencies. Getting Moonstones in Disney Dreamlight Valley is somewhat difficult because they are a premium currency. 

You will have to work hard to maximize your chances of getting them. Keeping this in mind, we have the best methods to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones.

Event Rewards
Event Rewards

Best methods to get Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones

Founder’s Packs 

In order to get Moonstones, you must buy a Founder’s Pack. Well, you’re going to buy one anyway since you need one to access the early version. It is important to note that each Founder Pack offers different amounts of Moonstones, so pick one that is right for you. As part of the Standard Edition, players get 8,000 Moonstones along with a couple of cosmetic items. 

There are two types: the Deluxe Edition, which contains 14,500 Moonstones, and the Ultimate Edition, which contains 20,000 Moonstones. While the amount of Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones offered by the Ultimate Edition looks incredible, it is also crucial to know about the price as well. For $29.99, you can get the Standard Edition, for $49.99, and for $69.99, you can get the Ultimate Edition. 

Founder's packs
Founder’s packs

Now, if you don’t have a budget and you want the most Moonstones, you can go ahead and buy the Ultimate Edition. In addition to cosmetic items, this one comes packed with plenty of content, so your money will be well spent. You should stick with either the Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition if you have a limited budget. Also, be sure to read our guide on how to get Dreamshards in Disney Dreamlight Valley if you want to save some money. 

The Star Path

When you have bought a Founder’s Pack, you will have enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones to buy the Star Path. It doesn’t matter which Founder Pack you get, the Star Path costs 2,500 Moonstones. This is another way to get lots of Moonstones in the game. For those wondering, The Start Path is nothing but Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Battle pass. For each task that you complete along the Star Path, you receive a different reward. 

One of the best things about it is that you will not only receive cosmetic items but Moonstones as well. The free version of the Star Path still is available even if you don’t buy it. For 500 Moonstones, you’ll receive 500 Moonstones from the free version. You’ll receive 2,175 if you buy the premium version for 2,500 Moonstones.



Throughout the game, you will encounter multiple chests. These chests often contain up to 10 Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstones, so you should try to open as many as you possibly can. Nevertheless, it is important that you remember that opening chests won’t make you rich in this game. Moonstones aren’t that abundant in each chest, so it will be wise not to rely on this method alone.

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