The Summoners War Chronicles Monsters are a very important part of the game and in this guide, we will tell you how to get them fast.

In Summoners War: Chronicles, monsters have different powers and abilities that help players defeat Tefo. There are some missions that players must complete to open quests and go on quests with monsters. 

A key component of the game is scrolls, which are necessary for acquiring Monsters. Players need to gather Scrolls in order to summon monsters and support their respective Summoners in fighting alongside their companions. Different types of Scrolls come with the game.


How to get Summoners War Chronicles Monsters

Legendary Scroll 

Players can summon lots of powerful Summoners War Chronicles Monsters with the Legendary Scroll. These monsters come with immense power, and many abilities, and are one of the most powerful monsters on the planet. These monsters will help their attacking stats increase against enemy troops.

Transcendence Scroll

It’s hard to win the transcendence scroll as it enables players to summon only the top-rated monsters of 5 stars. These monsters are the best monsters in the game, with the best skills, abilities, and powers. They are the hardest scrolls to win.

Light and Dark Scroll

Light and Dark Scrolls feature two types of monsters, the Light user monsters, and the Dark user monsters with mystical or magical powers. These monsters are rated between three and five stars. Dark monsters, which rate five stars, are the best players in the game since they offer the best ranged attacks and help summoners fight more effectively.

Mystical Scroll

A Mystical Scroll usually results in 3 stars monsters and is an average Scroll. They also have some of the best monsters, but getting them is very challenging. With these Scrolls, players can summon a lot more Summoners War Chronicles Monsters compared to other Scrolls because they are easy to win.

Unknown Scroll

Unknown Scrolls are the most popular scrolls among players. In this scroll, players can learn about monsters rated from 1-4 stars, which is the best set for beginners. However, later players need to upgrade these monsters to avoid getting defeated at the end of the arc. 


Keep in mind

It is critically important that players complete the tasks and objectives assigned to them since some of them will reward them with scrolls. To summon 4/5 star-rated Monsters, players must check for achievements and complete them to win the best Scrolls. In addition to the Premium Summoners Pass, players can also obtain a lot of scrolls by completing the Pass missions. These scrolls will be rewarded if they complete them.

Players will be able to summon the best sets of monsters by completing the Pass missions.

The option to purchase various in-game packages that contain in-app purchases allows players to gather Scrolls and Monsters that will strengthen their team.

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