How to get Fortnite Electro Swing Emote?



The Fortnite Electro Swing emote is back to the item shop. Check our guide and find the methods to equip this emote.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG is nearing its completion. The next live event is on the way and Fortnite players can witness the performance of the rapper, Eminem. Before the season ends, Epic Games has released some skins and emotes again. A series of icon emotes are back to the game’s item shop. Fans can also equip the classic Fortnite Electro Swing Emote that comes in various selectable styles.

Electro Swing Emote is a rare equipment that was first launched during Fortnite Season 6. Now, the emoticon is back along with other iconic emotes as well. Electro Swing Emote is not a free quest reward, so you have to spend some bucks and get this emote before it leaves the shop. Here’s how to get the Fortnite Electro Swing Emote in the OG season.

Fortnite Electro Swing Emote – Price & More

“Brand new groove, old school swing”, the Electro Swing Emote in Fortnite is back again. You can choose your favorite characters and perform amazing dance moves and actions. To get the Emote, you have to spend 500 V-bucks and equip it from the item shop. 500 V-Bucks might be costly, but if you have enough currency, then this will be a valuable addition to your inventory.

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Electro Swing Emote can’t be equipped as a free quest reward. But you can use Fortnite creator codes and earn this emote. That’s how you can unlock the emote. Also, you can other classy emotes like Bounce Wit It, Fastest Fastball and True Love. All these emotes are available in several selectable styles and can be earned from the itemshop.

IMG 20231125 133102
Electro Swing emote

Before the musical event, Big Bang arrives, you can complete the current seasonal quests and add new rewards to your inventory. The shop will again reset before the event commences and more cosmetics will also be added to the item shop.

Fortnite x Eminem collaboration is going to be another exciting musical collaboration and you can unlock different variants of Eminem outfit as well. The skin will be available with different styles along with the item bundle will be added to the item shop once the live event ends.

Fortnite Electro Swing emote
Dance moves

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Electro Swing emote in Fortnite OG season. We will come back with more interesting updates soon. With new challenges available, you can get the pumpkin launcher weapon to complete battles.


When is Fortnite x Eminem Event?

Fortnite x Eminem, a new musical event will go live on December 2nd, 2023. The event is titled as Big Bang. You have to join the event 30 minutes before in the discovery tab of battle royale. You can attend the event with friends and claim a free exclusive Eminem outfit.

What’s Fortnite Creative?

Fortnite creative is one of the three available game modes where you can explore tons of maps created by fans and creators. You can play in horror maps, anime maps and puzzle themed maps. You just have to enter codes for every Creative island. Fortnite creative is easily one of the best modes that offer a stunning experience.

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