How to Get Egg Memos in Sonic Frontiers


Are you looking for Sonic Frontiers Egg Memos? If you are finding it hard to get them then read this article till the end.

Egg Memo is a great audio recorder. It is a bulky, red, and black audio recorder, with small microphones on both sides. Touch screen features are displayed on a black background on the device’s front. Besides the generic “listen” symbol surrounded by a thick yellow ring, the touch screen also includes buttons such as “play”, “forward”, and “rewind”.

Eggman recorded multiple voice logs throughout the game’s story regarding his discoveries in Cyber Space. All Egg Memo recordings can be listened to in a separate playlist after they are purchased. So how to get Sonic Frontiers Egg Memos? You will get all the details below in this article so read it till the end.

Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Frontiers

How to get Sonic Frontiers Egg Memos?

The Fishing Spot minigame hosted by Big the Cat in Sonic Frontiers rewards players with Treasure Tokens or Gold Cards that allow them to buy Egg Memos. After purchasing the device, the player can listen to one of 24 voice logs recorded by Eggman, its creator. 

Sonic Frontiers requires a lot of fishing to get all 24 Egg Memos. Depending on what you reel in at the Fishing Spot in each zone, you will get fishing tokens randomly from Big the Cat, who can sell them to you in exchange for fishing tokens. All of the items Big has to offer will increase in price once you buy a few, so you’ll have to keep fishing if you want to get them all.

There is a Fishing Spot on Kronos Island that you can find on the west side. Each time you catch a fish with Big the Cat, you must also pay Purple Coins, and this amount increases as you progress through the game. You can locate these by racing around zones and generally following tracks.

Since there are a lot more Purple Coins to find on Ares Island, it is better to get through the first zone quickly, since there are a lot more Purple Coins to find on Kronos Island. You should not spend your Purple Coins on Egg Memos, but rather on Portal Gears, Chaos Emerald Vault Keys, and Amy’s Memory Tokens. Changing maps and fast-traveling back to Kronos Island and the Fishing Spot is always possible.

A fish-o-pedia option is the only way to access your Egg Memos when you’re talking to Big the Cat. They won’t appear in your inventory or menu options outside of the Fishing Spot.


Things to keep in mind

Getting to them within the game is pretty straightforward. Just head over to Big the Cat and you’re done. However, players must know that these Egg Memos aren’t free. These collectibles can only be purchased by the Sonic Frontiers character using Purple Coins.

The currency is only used in Starfall Islands for fishing. Players can find this item by simply traversing the massive biomes of the Islands. It’s important to note that they can only carry 999 coins at a time.

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