How to Get Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite?


Master the art of obtaining Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite with our guide. Discover strategic tips, crafting recipes, and essential steps to conquer the frostlands and emerge victorious.

Are you a LEGO Fortnite fan struggling to get your hands on Cursed Bones? Well, the expansive world of Fortnite is full of various items and materials awaiting to aid you on your adventurous journey and Cursed Bones is one of them. This article will help you to get Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite!

Finding Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite will include a lot of exploring through the snowy peaks, arid deserts, and lush grasslands as you navigate the challenges of survival. But, once you get it, two very exclusive recipes will be unlocked for you which will eventually help you in enhancing your armor in Fortnite. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

Method to Get Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite: 3 Steps

Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite

For those seeking a daring challenge, venture into frosty caves within the frostlands to acquire cursed bones from the formidable Bone Wolves. The frostlands in LEGO Fortnite present the coldest environments, necessitating frost resistance for exploration. Boosting your frost resistance is essential, and while there are various methods, only the most potent items can withstand the unforgiving frostlands.

Locating these items and exploring the right biomes may prove somewhat challenging. LEGO Fortnite encourages players to unveil locations through hands-on exploration rather than relying on map markers. This guide steps in to assist you on your quest!

1. Journey to the desert

To prepare for the icy challenges that lie ahead, start by obtaining snowberries. Consume them raw or blend them into a snowberry shake using a juicer to enhance the duration and effectiveness of your heat resistance. Interestingly, the subsequent phase involves a trip to the dry valley mesas, a desert biome where you can source chili peppers. To effectively traverse the frostlands, craft a spicy burger at a grill using chili, flour, and meat as per the recipe.

2. Defeat a Frost Brute

With a supply of spicy burgers in tow, venture into the frostlands for your next leg of the journey. Prior to delving into the cave systems, the crucial step is to locate and defeat a Frost Brute. This defeat is necessary to craft an Inner Fire Charm, a vital tool for cave exploration. Crafting the charm demands three Heavy Wool Threads, 30 Brightcores, 10 Blast Cores, and a Frost Brute Scale. It’s advisable to create at least three charms and carry a chili to ensure warmth within the chilling caves.

3. Kill a Bone Wolf

Identifying bone wolves within the caves is a straightforward task, but engaging with them is no easy feat due to their formidable nature. Therefore, it’s advisable to equip yourself with ample armor, weapons, and explosives before initiating an attack. Upon successfully defeating a bone wolf, they will yield a coveted Cursed Bone upon demise. This valuable item serves as a crucial component in crafting some of the most robust armor available in the LEGO Fortnite realm.

How To Defeat Cursed Wolves?

lego fortnite weapons

1. Equip Strong Gear:

  • Before venturing into the cold caves of the Frostlands, ensure you have the strongest weapons available, such as an Epic Longsword.
  • Craft strong charms to enhance your armor and provide additional hearts for increased survivability.

2. Utilize Long-Range Tactics:

  • Consider finding a hard-to-reach location, like a ledge, where you can use a Crossbow to engage Cursed Wolves from a distance.
  • While it may take numerous arrows, this method allows you to avoid direct confrontation if you prefer a more strategic approach.

3. Exercise Patience in Combat:

  • Take your time during combat, delivering a few hits at a time, and be vigilant in dodging when Cursed Wolves prepare to attack.
  • Despite wielding powerful weapons, be aware that Cursed Wolves possess substantial health that requires persistent effort to overcome.

4. Enhance Weapons with Enchantments:

  • Utilize the Essence Table to add enchantments to your weapons.
  • Consider adding the Essence of Luck to increase the likelihood of obtaining more loot after defeating enemies, aiding in the accumulation of Cursed Bones.

By following these steps, you can improve your chances of successfully defeating Cursed Wolves in the challenging environment of the Frostlands.

What Are Cursed Bones Used For?

Upon gathering Cursed Bones two charm recipes will become accessible to you. If you have the additional required items, you can make those recipes very easily. Given that Cursed Bones are considered late-game items, the resulting charms you can craft are among the most potent for equipping. These charms bestow a substantial boost to both your health and armor, accompanied by valuable additional effects.

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Have a look below and explore the recipes –

1. Charm of Resilience Crafting Recipe: 

Crafting the Charm of Resilience unlocks a potent accessory that enhances your resilience in the face of adversity. This charm offers a bonus to your armor after sustaining damage, along with providing additional hearts and armor for overall protection. 

To create this formidable charm, gather the following materials: 

  • Heavy Wool Thread x3
  • Iron Bar x5
  • Malachite Slab x5
  • Cursed Bone x5

2. Regeneration Charm Crafting Recipe: 

For those seeking sustained vitality, the Regeneration Charm is the ideal choice. This charm imparts a health regeneration effect over time, coupled with the benefits of additional hearts and armor. 

To bring this rejuvenating charm to life, assemble the following components: 

  • Heavy Wool Thread x3
  • Cut Sapphire x5
  • Cursed Bone x5
  • Frost Brute Scale x1

Embrace these charms and empower your LEGO Fortnite adventure with enhanced resilience and regeneration capabilities.


Obtaining Cursed Bones in LEGO Fortnite is a pivotal quest that demands strategic planning and resourcefulness. Navigating the frostlands, battling fierce enemies, and crafting essential items like the Inner Fire Charm are crucial steps in this challenging journey. By adhering to the recommended strategies and arming yourself with the necessary gear, you can successfully secure Cursed Bones and unlock the potential for crafting some of the most formidable equipment in the LEGO Fortnite realm. Remember, resilience, patience, and a keen eye for exploration are key elements in mastering the art of acquiring Cursed Bones and conquering the frosty landscapes of LEGO Fortnite.

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