How to get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite


Building blocks legacies join forces. The Flexwood in Lego Fortnite is very helpful. Find out how to get the Lego Fortnite Flexwood.

What happens to two great entertainment franchises join forces to unleash mayhem. In this case, combine the goofy cartoony action of Fortnite with Lego, the childhood legacy of everyone. Enter Lego Fortnite, built on the foundations of building stuff in Lego and Fortnite. This new title is a fan favorite and is a must play adventure for fans of all ages.

Players in LEGO Fortnite need to update their tools in order to stay strong, endure longer, and obtain greater resources as they explore the world.

Finding flexwood can be somewhat difficult, but it’s one of the best resources for creating some of the strongest objects and constructions. It can be challenging to locate Lego Fortnite Flexwood, but improving your equipment is necessary if you want to advance.Thus, you’ve come to the correct location if you’re having trouble getting Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite. We’ll cover all you need to know about obtaining Flexwood in this article.

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Lego Fortnite Flexwood

The new Lego-based mode in Fortnite is far bigger than we anticipated, if you haven’t tried it yet. With resource chains and other biomes to discover, it’s really more like a standalone survival game. In any case, here’s where you can locate and gather Flexwood in Lego Fortnite.

Lego Fortnite Flexwood grows in the desert biome, formally known as the Dry Valley, so you’ll need to start there. When the temperature increases you get to see cacti around and its easy to figure out that you are in the right place.

How to get the Lego Fortnite Flexwood

To get Lego Fortnite flexwood, you need the crafting bench to be upgraded to the rare quality. The downside is that you have to upgrade your workbench twice to Rare level in order to create a Rare Axe, which is necessary to cut these down.

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But since the Rare Pickaxe is the first craftable item that truly needs Lego Fortnite Flexwood, you should have already completed it if you came here looking for it. There are the items required to do it.

  • Knotroot Rods x 12
  • Marble Slabs x 15
  • Sand Claws x 6
  • Sand Shells x 3
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After upgrading the crafting bench, collect the following materials to make a Rare Forest Axe:

  • Cut Amber x 5
  • Knotwood Rods x 3

After obtaining the Axe, its fairly easy to gather Lego Fortnite Flexwood. Use the obtained Axe on any cacti plan to harvest Flexwood.

On the other hand, Players can blow up the cactus in the desert by using explosives, like a Boom Barrel. They drop Lego Fortnite Flexwood, which players can harvest and utilize, when they do this. The following supplies can be used to create a boom barrel:

  • Planks x 6
  • Blast Powder x 3
How to get Flexwood in Lego Fortnite 8

These are the primary ways to obtain Lego Fortnite Flexwood.

What is Flexwood in Lego Fortnite?

Flexwood is a rare resource in Lego Fortnite that is used to craft certain high-end items, such as the Forest Axe and the Dynamic Foundation Wheels.

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