How to get Accolades in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


Wondering how to get accolades in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Here is how you can get them easily by simply following our tips and tricks.

Accolades are a special guarantee that you can own by Defeating other players. Here is how to get them. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a number of in-game currencies. Copper and genuine QI have their own place when it comes to leveling up and upgrading and buying new weapons and armor in the game. One of the best items to get is Accolades.

In Wo Long, you collect accolades That you will find popping up while you kill enemies. You would wonder where to look for these Accolades. We have got to cover how to find Accolades in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How to get Accolades in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Accolades in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Accolades in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

For Wo Long, you get accolades by avenging other players who have died against the same enemy you fought. Upon killing an enemy that has recently fought the player who is online you will earn accolades for your victory and get a pop-up notifying you of the user name of the player who you have fought for.

There are small flags that mark where online players have died. This will indicate that by defeating a nearby enemy you will own your Accolades. In order to get these flags you can also sacrifice one dragon cure port to get a good ranking at these flags.

Rewards from Accolades

Accolades rewards
Accolades rewards

You can use these accolades after you reach a certain point in the game and recruit the NPC by the name of Zuo Ci. This is the NBC that will let you analyze your character and change the appearance of your character according to your choice. After you unload Zuo Ci services at your hidden village hub, He can be found in the main house behind various born in the area. Here are things to get from Accolades in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

  • You can collect your Accolade rewards from Zuo ci’s menu to get the exclusive shop.
  • With accolade points in your hand, you can also get a list of armors, throwables, and buff items.
  • You can also buy new emotes from here. These are exclusive to the accolade rewards shop as well.

Zuo ci offers three armor boxes. There is the bronze 1 silver 1 and gold tear Box across all 13 melee weapon categories,3 ranged weapons categories and 4 armor types. You can exchange these accolades for 3 boxes to get a random item from which you can choose. Here is a breakdown of the exchange rate for accolades for different boxes.

This is everything to know about Accolades in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Now that you know how to get the accolades in the game you can go get it for yourself keeping in mind the above requirements.

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