Hogwarts Legacy Beasts and Magical Creatures – How to Tame Them

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Hogwarts Legacy has a variety of Beasts and Magical Creatures. Check our guide to know the best tips and tricks to tame them all.

Hogwarts Legacy is not only about exploring the Dungeons and fighting against the dragons. The game will feature tons of new content to keep you engaged. Beasts, Animals, and Magical Creatures will be one of the best features of Hogwarts Legacy. You can tame and catch Beasts, Dragons, and other Magical Creatures in the game. The tamed beasts can be used for crafting resources, minerals, and other essential items in the game. Again the beasts can also be used as pets in Hogwarts Legacy.

Beasts, Dragons, Goblins, Dark Wizards, and Centaur are some of the animals that will be available in Hogwarts Legacy. You can ride on these magical creatures, use them as mounts, and get poisons after hunting them. Beasts will be one of the best additions for completing the storyline in the game. Taming is another important feature that you need to do to craft resources in the game. Taming is a challenging task and you can only tame a couple of beasts and creatures in the game. Here’s how to tame and catch beasts in Hogwarts Legacy from our guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Beasts and Magical Creatures – A Complete Guide

Hogwarts Legacy will include a plethora of beasts. You can ride on these magical creatures and tame them before crafting. Here’s all about the beasts and magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. You can find all the animals and beasts in the open world and tame these creatures. You need to interact with the beasts and magical creatures, and then throw food and items to tame them. The tamed beasts in Hogwarts Legacy can be used as mounts to traverse across the Dungeons. For aggressive animals, you need to cast spells or magic for certain beasts to tame them. Here is the list of beasts that can be tamed in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to tame Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Taming beasts and other creatures in Hogwarts Legacy is an easy task if you go with the right strategy. You need to equip the class from the beast class quest which is given by Professor Howin. Then you need to interact with the beasts and feed them with a beast feed. Finally, use the petting brush to pet the magical beasts. Interact with tamed magical creatures, feed and pet them, then you can finally tame and ride on them. You can also use some beasts as mounts. Acquire the Nab Sack to get more beasts and magical pets in Vivarium. The Nab Sack tool also helps you to tame and catch the beasts without struggling much. That’s how you can complete taming in Hogwarts Legacy and you can follow these tips and tricks to take creatures and beasts in the game without any hassle. Now here are the beasts and magical creatures that you can tame and ride in Hogwarts Legacy.


Graphorn, the horned beast can be tamed. You will find it spawning in most of the wild zones. Hunting and Taming Graphorn is one of the challenging tasks, but you can tame it by throwing food and items. Graphorn is a black colored aggressive beast. Hunt and mount these creatures.


The round and fluffy beasts, Puffskein can be tamed with bogies. Puffskein can be found in forests and other wild zones. You will be able to craft some items after taming them.

Magical Beast


Mooncalf is seen in and around the Forbidden Forest. This magical creature can be tamed and you can also ride. Mooncalf is small and it’s easy to spot in the wild areas. Mooncalf will be one of the best creatures to go on a magical ride and you can also get some resources after finding one.


Magical flying beast with huge wings. Tame one and ride on it to complete the quests. Hippogriff resembles a horse and eagle and you can spot this beast in the trailer glimpse.


A Small furry beast that you can find in Hogwarts Valley. Hunting niffler will help you with various missions. You can find it in Hogwarts Valley and other places around the castle.

Giant Purple Toad 

These beasts can be seen in North Ford Bog and Hogsmeade Valley. Tame then and you can utilize poison produced by these magical creatures as the poison from Purple Road will help you to complete missions in Hogwarts Legacy easily.


Kneazle beast resembles a Cat and is commonly available in every spot. You can explore them in and around the castle and Hogsmeade Valley.


One of the best magical creatures, Fwooper, is a colorful bird you can ride on and listen to songs. 


The Winged beast is a giant creature with 4 legs. You can use them as mounts after hunting one. Thestral creatures are one of the best beasts in Hogwarts Legacy that help you to locate the spots just after hearing about the same.

That’s everything you need to know about the beasts and magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy. We will be back with more Hogwarts Legacy updates and guides soon.

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