Dead Space Remake Centrifuge Puzzle Guide

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Are you also facing difficulties to solve the Dead Space Remake Centrifuge puzzle? Do not worry, our guide will help you.

In Chapter 3 of Dead Space Remake, the USG Ishimura’s propulsion systems have been severely damaged. This prompts the player character, Isaac Clarke, to venture into the ship’s centrifuge room. In order to stabilize the vessel, Isaac must solve a puzzle involving two separate modules that need to be connected to a central generator. 

However, due to the zero gravity environment, it is difficult to orient oneself in the centrifuge. To succeed, Isaac must carefully use his Kinesis ability to bring the two modules to the generator, as well as his Stasis ability to slow them down enough for them to be connected. Do not worry because the Dead Space Remake Centrifuge Puzzle Guide will give you all the explanations on how to solve this puzzle.


Dead Space Remake Centrifuge Puzzle Guide

In Dead Space Remake, players are provided with an unlimited gravity tether feature, known as Kinesis. This allows Isaac to move objects such as the modules around in specific pathways. The two modules in the Centrifuge must be directed toward the central generator in an open area of zero gravity. 

Isaac is given a great deal of freedom of movement while floating in this space. However, the modules themselves are spinning too quickly to be connected to the generator. Therefore, Isaac must use his Stasis ability to slow them down before guiding them. Content creator Gamerpillar has demonstrated that the range on Stasis is wide. As a result, there is a good amount of space for Isaac to hit his target while maneuvering in zero gravity.

Dead Space Remake Centrifuge Puzzle Guide: Kinesis and Stasis

Solving the puzzle in Dead Space Remake requires players to manage both Kinesis and Stasis at the same time. This way, players will achieve the result very easily. First, they should use Kinesis to bring a module close to the generator. Then, they must use their Stasis ability to slow it down enough for the module to be connected. The zero gravity environment allows for a great deal of freedom of movement, so the player can float freely in front of their target in order to accurately hit it with their Stasis.

When the module is released, it returns to its original position. However, players have enough time to quickly release the machinery and apply Stasis to its front end. The top floor has a station at which Stasis reserves can be recharged since Kinesis is free and requires no resources.


Necromorph Combat

In the Dead Space Remake Centrifuge Puzzle, players need to realign two modules through a process that remains the same each time. However, they must also face the chaotic combat that comes when they repair one of the modules and Necromorphs appear in zero gravity. 

Although there are limited upgrades available up to this point in the game, players can make use of the limb-cutting mechanics to take care of the enemies. The Dead Space Remake Centrifuge puzzle is solved when players interact with a computer console. This will trigger a cutscene and move them on to the next part of the story.

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