How to find Orange Star Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley



Orange Star Lily is a flower material in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Check our guide to find the orange star lily locations.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a colorful life simulation adventure game from the makers of Gameloft Montreal. Disney Dreamlight Valley takes place in a magical fantasy world named Dreamlight Valley, a magical valley where various Disney and Pixar characters fight for survival and resources every day. You can battle in the magical valley, collect and craft resources, prepare dishes using recipes, craft minerals, use your special magical skills, and get new rewards for completing the daily challenges. You need various resources and recipes to prepare dishes and craft other items. Likewise, Flowers are in-game materials that you can use for various quests, send as gifts to your friends, villagers, and neighbors, craft it for resources, and you can sell them for coins.

There are a variety of flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley and the Orange Star Lily is an important flower material that you need for various purposes in the game. As of now, you can get the Orange Star Lily only from one place. The orange star lily grows rarely and you can use it for basic challenges in the game, and you can sell it to the villagers for a price. To those who are looking to find the orange star lily, here we will share the Orange Star Lily flower locations in our guide. Check our guide to find Orange Star Lily and other flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Orange Star Lily Location in Disney Dreamland Valley

Orange Star Lily Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley Orange Star Lily

As we mentioned above, the Orange Star Lily flower spawns in a single location only in Disney Dreamlight Valley, here’s it.

  • Orange Star Lily – Find Orange Star Lily in the Forest of Valor and you can sell it for 43 Star Coins

This is the only way to obtain orange star lily flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley as of now, here are the other flowers and their locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley along with the price.

Other Flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Apart from the orange star lily, here are the other flowers and their locations along with the selling price in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Every flower in Dreamlight Valley will be used for various purposes and challenges, if you are struggling to find one, here’s our Disney Dreamlight Valley flower locations to help you.

FlowersLocationsSells For
Yellow NasturtiumForgotten Lands85 Coins
Yellow Daisy Peaceful Meadow20 Coins
Black Passion Lily Frosted Heights 79 Coins
Yellow Bromeliad Sunlit Plateau 73 Coins
DandelionPlaza23 Coins
Red Passion Lily Frosted Heights 38 Coins
White Passion Lily Frosted Heights 38 Coins
White and Pink Penstemon Plaza 41 Coins
White Marsh Milkweed Glade of Trust33 Coins
Sunflower Dazzle Beach 28 Coins
Red Nasturtium mForgotten Lands 40 Coins
Red Daisy Peaceful Meadow 48 Coins
Purple ImpatiensForgotten Lands40 Coins
White ImpatiensForgotten Lands 30 Coins
White and Pink Hydrangea Dazzle Beach54 Coins
Blue Falling Penstemon Plaza23 Coins
Blue HydrangeaDazzle Beach 28
Blue Marsh Milkweed Glade of Trust 48 Coins
White Bell Flower Forest of Valor 30 Coins
Red Bromeliad Sunlit Plateau 27 Coins
Purple Marsh Milkweed Glade of Trust25 Coins
Purple ImpatiensForgotten Lands40 Coins
Purple HydrangeaDazzle Beach39 Coins
Purple Rising Penstemon Peaceful Meadow 25 Coins
Red Bell Flower Forest Of Valor25 Coins
Orange Marsh MilkweedGlade Of Trust33 Coins
Blue Star LilyForest of Valor 30 Coins
Blue Passion Lily Frosted Heights56 Coins
Pink Houseleek Flower Sunlit Plateau 35 Coins
Green Passion LilyFrosted Heights 28 Coins
Green Rising PenstemonPeaceful Meadow 35 Coins
Orange Houseleek Flower Sunlit Plateau 52 Coins
Orange and Red Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust66 Coins
Purple Bell Flower Forest of Valor30 Coins
Pink BromeliadSunlit Plateau 27 Coins
Purple Falling PenstemonPlaza23 Coins
Pink HydrangeaDazzle Beach22 Coins
Orange NasturtiumForgotten Lands60 Coins

With this, our Disney Dreamlight Valley orange lily location guide is done. Get Orange Star Lily and other flowers from the locations mentioned in our guide. We will be back with more Disney Dreamlight Valley guides and updates soon.

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