How to Equip Gear in Zenless Zone Zero?



Want to get the best Gear in Zenless Zone Zero? Then, here you can find the best ways to unlock gear items.

Zenless Zone Zero is a stunning RPG and an anime adventure game from the makers of Genshin Impact. This urban fantasy has two different worlds. Explorers have to work together and fight against enemies in the Hollows. Your journey starts in the New Eridu metropolis city. Also, you have to play as a Proxy and guide the tourists in Hollows. 

There are many factions and characters in the game. As you complete quests, all units will be available. Zenless Zone Zero gameplay includes roguelike elements and many contents are similar to Genshin Impact. Every character gets access to weapons, skills, and gear items.  Gear in Zenless Zone Zero are essential equipment and they enhance your stats. Here’s how to equip gear items in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Ways to Unlock & Use Gear in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero gear slots
Gear slots

In Zenless Zone Zero, you can equip 6 gear items. As there are 6 slots in the game, you can increase each stat. One will increase HP, one will enhance ATK and the other will boost your Def. Also, other stats like Crit DMG, Energy Recovery and Pen ratio will also be increased.

The best way to get gear items in Zenless Zone Zero is to complete quests and earn credits. By accumulating resources, you can unlock gear items easily. Gear items or otherwise called Disk Drives can be purchased from the in-game Music Store, Tipsy Muse and unlocked by completing events as well. 

unicorn electro in zenless zone zero
Unicorn Electro

You can enhance Gear in Zenless Zone Zero and customize them from the “Drive Tuning” tab. Once you earn enough gear items, you can directly access them from the Equip tab and slot them accordingly. Gear items have both 2-set pieces and 4-set pieces as well. The two best gear items are Hormone Punk, Mammoth Electro, Unicorn Electro and Inferno Metal. These two items are the best to wear in the starting phase of Zenless Zone Zero.

Each gear item buffs your units and you can increase their levels by accumulating resources. They will enhance your base damage and atk. There are different types of equipment in the game, but gear items are primary equipment that provide massive bonus effects.

IMG 20231127 154943
Characters in Zenless Zone Zero

Complete every chapter, event, and boss fight to earn credits and resources. These resources can be used to unlock gear items for every character. With 6 slots for gear items, all stats will be boosted and there will be no weak zones for your characters.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking gear items in Zenless Zone Zero. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


What’s the Best Skill for Nicole Demara in Zenless Zone Zero?

Nicole Demara, the leader of Cunning Hares is an S-tier character in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s a physical elemental character and plays the DPS role. The best skill for Nicole Demara is Do As I Please. This skill increases her damage stats and it also works in a large radius.

How to Destroy the Hollows of Zenless Zone Zero?

To wipe out enemies in Hollows, you have to join forces with other explorers in the world. Complete PvP challenges and unlock new skills for each character and enhance their talents. The Hollows will invade the New Eridu metropolis frequently. So, you have to recruit the strongest explorers to your squad and defeat them. The battle between Hollows and Explorers in Zenless Zone Zero decides the fate of the metropolis world.

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