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Thunderclap is one of the best skills for Zenless Zone Zero Anby Demara. Also, discover the other best abilities and weapons here.

Zenless Zone Zero is an intriguing adventure game. Here you play as an agent in two worlds where you have to complete commissions and boss battles in each chapter. The top-tier agents of Zenless Zone Zero help you progress in the game easily. Anby Demara is a fiery agent from the Cunning Hares faction. Anby Demara  is a fighter who excels in range. She often spent her time watching movies and learning martial arts.

Anby Demara is an integral part of the Cunning Hares member headed by Nicole Demara. Anby has all traits of loyalty, passion and resilience. She’s the strongest and the most trusted agent of the faction . Anby’s past has been a mystery for years and no one knows her history. She’s calm and introverted. But she has the knack of overcoming difficult situations. Her skills prove she’s one of the best Assassins in the game.

You can play Anby Demara as a tank, support or even sub-dps. She’s a magical character. Her potent has always been deemed higher by her companions. Anby Demara is an A-ranked star unit and her kit includes the best talents and weapons. She deals electric damage and has a higher ATK and Crit DMG. Finding the best build for Anby Demara gets easier with these skills, talents, abilities and weapons.

Zenless Zone Zero Anby Demara Skills

Zenless Zone Zero Anby Demara
Anby Demara

Fighting against creatures and bosses in the dangerous Hollows requires these essential skills. The best Anby Demara skills are here,

  • Turbo Volt – Turbo Volt is the basic attack for Anby. This grants 4 slashes and increases physical damage
  • Thunderbolt – The sub-attack can be used after the 3rd move of the basic attack. You can hold it pause it for a while and then unleash a downward strike to deal heavy electric damage
  • Slide – The Rapid Dodge makes units invulnerable against attacks for a short time
  • Taser Blast – The Dash Attack slashes enemies in front row and deals heavy physical damage. It also increases defense stats for 20 seconds 
  • Thunderclap – The Dodge counter slashes enemies and increases electric damage to close-range enemies in the game
  • Fork Lightning – The Special Attack unleashes an upward slash and deals heavy electric damage. This ATK skill launches faster when used after the 3rd move of your basic ATK.
  • EX Special Attack : Lightning Bolt – With high energy, the skill unleashes a powerful upward slash. The electric damage is increased by 40%
  • Electro Engine – The Combo Attack is triggered launches powerful slashes to close-range targets
  • Overdrive Engine – Once the Decibel rating goes up, the ultimate skill slashes targets and smashes them on the ground. The characters will be inflicted with shock effects
  • Thunderfall – This Assist Attack activates after characters are knocked up. It will slash nearby foes by inflicting heavy electric damage

Best Talents for Zenless Zone Zero Anby Demara

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Anby Demara has 4 different talents and each functions differently. 

  • Precision Discharge – After using the 3rd move of basic attack, you can use Anby’s Special or EX Special Attack and receive a 20% CRIT Rate bonus.
  • Deep Shock – The Talent inflicts 15% addition stagger to enemies who have stagger below 50%
  • Rapid Charge Mode – While you are Idle, the ability restores 0.7 energy every second
  • Charging Field – Anby gains 10 stacks of Charge after using a Combo or Ultimate Attack, stacking up to 10 times. Her heavy attacks will cost 1 stack of Charge and then deal extra Electric damage equal to 60% of her Attack up to once each second.

Best Weapons for Zenless Zone Zero Anby Demara

Anby Demara is a ranged unit. You can utilize the best Duel, Crit and Energy weapons. Here are the best weapons to use,

  • Bench – The weapon works well with combo attacks. It also increases 20% damage
  • Tonfa – This increases the Decibel rating rapidly. 
  • Gatling Gun – The gun restorers 0.2% of Max Hp
  • Conductive Coil – This will increases the extra shock damage by 60%
  • Orange God – Knocked out enemies will drop additional energy orbs while you use this weapon 
  • Paper Crone – After entering a boss stage, the weapon restores all squad members’ HP by 15%.

That’s everything you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero Anby Demara skills, weapons and equipment. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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How to Unlock the Best Agents in Zenless Zone Zero?

To summon the strongest agents in Zenless Zone Zero, you have to complete tutorial missions. After that, you have to complete the reroll to pull the top-tier agents in the game. As there are only limited agents, there’s a high chance to summon the strongest SSR characters in the game. After getting the desired characters, you can use skills, talents and gear sets to further enhance their powers.

Is it Essential to Use Gear Items in Zenless Zone Zero?

Yes, Gear items are your go-to equipment in Zenless Zone Zero. There are 6 slots and you can increase levels for each slot as well. You can unlock gear items from in-game shop. To increase your character’s Atk, Def and HP, equip these gear items.

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