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Want to unleash the best build for Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger? Then, here are the best skills, weapons, and talents for the A-ranked agent.

Zenless Zone Zero is an RPG and fantasy game. Every agent in Zenless Zone Zero has plenty of skills, gear items, gadgets, and weapons. Agents from factions are your heroes. To exploit resources in Hollows and defeat the dangerous monsters, every agent needs the best builds and equipment. Ben Bigger, the head of finance from the Belobog Heavy Industries is one of the game’s starting agents.

Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger is always a trustworthy lieutenant of Koleda. Ben Bigger is a man of few words who primarily takes care of account ledgers. Besides managing Bookkeeping and other works, he’s one of the key members of Belobog who gives it all to fight against Ethereal and other Hollow creatures. With Ben Bigger skills and talents, you can enhance his build. Here’s everything you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger skills, talents, weapons and more.

Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger Skills & Abilities

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Ben Bigger

Ben Bigger, the A-ranked bear-like agent plays as dps and support. Ben’s skills work in medium-range battles. Here are the best skills and special abilities for Ben Bigger,

  • Debt Reconciliation – This basic attack grants 5 unleashes dealing 120% physical damage to close-range enemies.
  • Missing Invoice – After performing a Rapid Dodge, your characters will be invulnerable. It works for 10 seconds in combat.
  • Accounts Settled – The Dodge Counter skill deals physical damage and strikes front row enemies
  • Incoming Expense – This dash attack unleashes a lethal strike and slashes enemies. It also makes characters invulnerable for a short time.
  • Fiscal Fist – The special attack reduces damage taken after entering the DEF stance. After exiting the stance, Ben Bigger launches heavy attacks on front enemies. The skill also increases Anti-Interrupt levels.
  • Cashflow Counter – The EX special attack takes Ben Bigger to an enhanced DEF stance and blocks all damage taken. Ben will strike enemies in close range for every 5 hits taken or after exiting the stance.
  • Accounts Receivable – The sub-attack can be used after launching an Ex Special Attack. This skill launches a follow-up forward strike in long-range and deals heavy physical damage.
  • Signed and Sealed – This combo attack can be triggered by tapping the character’s icon. A powerful strike to front enemies will be unleashed.
  • Complete Payback – The ultimate skill is used at the highest decibel rating. It increases Physical damage and makes character resistant to all attacks.
  • Joint Account – Use this Assist Attack once your agent is knocked up in combat. It strikes enemies in front row and makes characters invulnerable.

Best Talents for Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger

Talents are additional skills for agents. Zenless Zone Zero offers 4 talents for each character in the game and here are the best talents for Ben Bigger,

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Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger
  • Reacting Force – The ability reduces enemy’s DEF by 15% for 8 seconds once you block an attack successfully.
  • Agile Adaptation – Ben’s EX Special Attack and the next Follow-Up ATk will deal 15% extra damage. When there are 3 or less targets in combat, the Sub-EX Special Attacks and the corresponding follow-up attack will deal 15% extra damage.
  • Liquidation Knack – This skill grants 15% extra Stagger for 10 seconds once you launch an Assist Attack.
  • Wild Spirit – With a perfect Block Counter, the agent deals 15% extra counter. Once the hp bar goes below 50%,  Ben’s EX Special Attack triggers perfect blocks easily.

Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger Weapons & Equipment

With the best weapons, gear items, and disk drives, Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger build gets boosted. Here are the recommended weapons and other gear items,

Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger
  • Shock Gloves – This increases stagger multiplier by 50%.
  • Sledgehammer – Initial Decibel Rating is set to Uproar once you enter a combat.
  • Flamethrower – Burning enemies will be ignited again and later they also become Incinerated.
  • Doombringer – Critical hits will increase stagger once you use this weapon .
  • Fencing Sword – The sword unleashes attacks and increases damage.
  • Fanged Metal – This increases physical damage by 20% and provides extra def for 5 seconds.

The best Ben Bigger build is formed with these weapons, skills and gear items. Zenless Zone Zero Ben Bigger is a top-tier agent with some powerful skills and abilities. Exploring the Hollows gets easier with these types of agents in your squads.

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How to Summon the Strongest Agents in Zenless Zone Zero?

To summon the strongest agents in Zenless Zone Zero, you have to complete tutorial missions. After that, you have to complete the reroll to pull the top-tier agents in the game. As there are only limited agents, there’s a high chance to summon the strongest SSR characters in the game. After getting the desired characters, you can use skills, talents and gear sets to further enhance their powers.

Who can Play Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero will be available for PC, Android and iOS platforms. It’s a free-to-play fantasy game that’s set in a metropolis. Zenless Zone Zero will not be launched for consoles.

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