Secret Tips Nobody Tells You About How to do the Griddy FC 24 Celebration


Are you looking to perform at the Griddy FC 24 celebration? Check out this article to learn how to perform the celebration in teaser opponents in FC 24

EA FC 24 introduced many different things in its latest launch. The next-gen graphics to all the trending FC 24 celebrations have been a huge addition to the game. Players are generally amused by using celebrations when they score a goal be it on couch-play or online. The act of celebrating a goal known as a goal celebration plays a vital role in EA FC 24. It is sometimes used to tease your opponents and sometimes to celebrate.

The goal scorer typically leads the ea fc 24 celebrations, which may also include teammates, the manager, the coaching staff, and the team’s supporters. The latest such celebration is the griddy celebration which has gained popularity over the years. This article will take you through how to perform the Griddy FC 24 celebration below.

Griddy FC 24
Secret Tips Nobody Tells You About How to do the Griddy FC 24 Celebration 2

How to Griddy FC 24?

In the Griddy FC 24, you tap your heels, swing your arms, and bring your hands in a glasses-shaped gesture to your face. High school football player Allen Davis made the dance in 2018, and it became popular on TikTok in 2019.
To perform Griddy fc 24 follow the instructions for each platform below:

Griddy FC 24 PC

  • HOLD D + Press Right & Left

Griddy FC 24 PlayStation

  • HOLD R2 + Tap up twice on the Right Stick

Griddy FC 24 Xbox

  • Hold RT + Tap up twice on the Right Stick

The majority of the newly added goal celebrations in EA Sports FC 24 are commonplace and not too difficult to execute. A few new player-specific celebrations have also been added, such as the famous point celebration of Marcus Rashford and the sleep celebration debuted by Cristiano Ronaldo against Everton in October 2022. This tutorial will walk you through each new celebration in EA Sports FC 24 and include images of each as well.

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What consoles are getting EA FC 24?

EA Sports FC 24 is the 31st overall instalment of EA Sports’ football simulation games and was released on 29 September 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Does EA FC 24 have an Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team in EA SPORTS FC 24 introduces the ability to evolve players in your Club, welcomes women’s footballers to the World’s Game and brings in community-requested features and updates to our fans.

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