A FC 24 Ultimate Team: A Comprehensive Guide


EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Complete Guide

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Immerse yourself in the world of Ultimate Team, a captivating mode within the EA FC 24 game that allows you to assemble your dream team of football stars from across the globe. 

This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to excel in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. From selecting the ideal formation to understanding the intricacies of chemistry, you’ll gain insights into every aspect of building a formidable squad. Additionally, we’ll provide tips for maximizing your profits and preparing your ultimate dream team.

Table of Contents

Here is a little breakdown for our EA FC 24 Ultimate Team guide:

  • What is EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?
  • How to play Ultimate Team?
  • EA Fc 24 Ultimate Team game modes
  • EA Fc 24 Ultimate Team new features
  • How to get started in Ultimate Team?
  • Building Your Ultimate Team Squad
  • How to improve your FC 24 Ultimate Team squad?
  • How to make profit in Ultimate Team?
  • Tips and tricks to create your dream team in Fc 24 Ultimate Team
  • Final thoughts

What is EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is a popular game mode within the FIFA series that allows you to build and manage your own custom squad of football players. The objective is to create a team of your dreams by acquiring players, building chemistry between them, and competing in various game modes. With many features and options, it’s a dynamic and engaging mode that keeps millions of football fans hooked.

How to play Ultimate Team?

To play in Ultimate Team, you must own an EA FC 24 account on PC, PS, or Xbox. Then, you can access UT from the FC 24 main menu and start your new journey to glory.

Winning matches in EA FC 24 can be very challenging, so take a peek at and let a professional player achieve any in-game goal on your account.

EA Fc 24 Ultimate Team game modes

EA Fc 24 Ultimate Team has a variety of different game modes, each with its own rewards and challenges.

  • UT Champions: Compete in a weekend tournament to gain the best rewards in the game. You will play 20 matches and earn points depending on your performance to achieve a higher rank.
  • Division Rivals: Play against other players in your division to earn weekly rewards and climb the ladder.
  • Draft: Pick a team from a draft pool and compete against other players in a single-elimination tournament.
  • UT Moments: Complete short challenges to earn stars that can be exchanged for various packs.
  • Squad Battles: Play against AI-controlled teams to complete objectives and earn weekly rewards.
  • Friendlies: Play in different types of matches with unique requirements to complete objectives.

EA Fc 24 Ultimate Team new features

EA Fc 24 Ultimate Team has a few new features for this year, including:

  • Evolutions
  • PlayStyles
  • Women’s Player Cards


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Image source: fut.gg

Evolution is a new feature that allows you to upgrade some players by completing certain objectives. These tasks include scoring goals, making assists, or winning matches. Once you have completed the required objectives, the Evolution card will be upgraded to the next level. You can continue to upgrade Evolution cards until they reach their maximum level.

There are 6 types of Evolution cards in EA FC 24:

  • Founders Evolution (examples of best players for this evolution:  Timo Werner, Ansu Fati, Darwin Nunez)
  • Welcome to Evolutions (examples of best players for this evolution:  Noni Madueke, Leon Bailey, Mohammed Kudus)
  • Golden Glow Up Pt. 1 (examples of best players for this evolution:  Kobbie Mainoo, Emmanuel Gyabuaa, Laurin Ullrich)
  • Golden Glow Up Pt. 2  
  • Pacey Winger (examples of best players for this evolution:  Takefusa Kubo, Christian Pulisic, Nathan Redmond)
  • Bruiser Wingback (examples of best players for this evolution:  Rico Lewis, Tino Livramento, Max Aarons)


PlayStyles is a new element that offers players distinct abilities derived from their real-life skills, enhancing the authenticity of their gameplay. There are 34 unique PlayStyles in Ea Fc 24, each with a boosted PlayStyles+ version dedicated to the best players only.

In the following table, we present all Playstyles available in EA FC 24:

Shooting PlaystylesDefending PlaystylesPassing PlaystylesBall Control PlaystylesPhysical PlaystylesGK Playstyles
Power ShotInterceptIncisive PassPress ProvenTrivelaFar Throw
Power HeaderBlockLong Ball PassFirst TouchQuick StepFootwork
Chip ShotBruiserWhipped PassRapidRelentlessCross Claimer
Finesse ShotJockeyTiki TakaTricksterLong ThrowRush Out
Dead BallAnticipateFlairAcrobaticQuick Reflexes
Slide TackleTechnicalAerialFar Reach

Women’s Player Cards

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Image source: videogames.com

Women’s player cards are now available in Ultimate Team for the first time. This means you can now build a team of women’s players or a hybrid team of women and men. You can get women’s cards by opening packs or buying them from the transfer market.

Note: Women’s cards are usually cheaper than men’s, so you can create a very good mixed team, but you have to be careful about chemistry.

How to get started in Ultimate Team?

When launching Ultimate Team for the first time, you have to go through some crucial steps in your future career that swiftly impact your progress:

  1. Choosing Your Starter Pack – you must pick a nation based on your preferences. That starter pack will contain many players from the selected nation, so choosing a strong country is recommended.
  2. Selecting the Loan Player – The game allows picking a loan player to strengthen your squad for a limited number of matches. 
  3. Choosing Your Kit – you will gain a list of several kits to choose from for free – 1 home kit and 1 away kit.
  4. Choosing Your Badge – Choose your desired badge based on your favorite team.

 Now you have a basic team, so you need to start playing to earn new powerful players by completing objectives, opening packs, and buying them from the transfer market.

Note: It’s recommended to choose either France or Brazil as nation at the beginning because the higher rated players are part of these countries.

Building Your Ultimate Team Squad

Building a competitive Ultimate Team squad is essential to winning matches and climbing the ladder. There are a few key things to keep in mind when creating your team.

Choosing the proper formation

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Image source: in-game screenshot

 The formation you choose will have a significant impact on how your team plays. Consider your playstyle and preferred tactics. Do you prefer a fast-paced counter-attack, a possession-based game, or a solid defence? Experiment with different formations to discover the one that suits your style and the players you have at your disposal.

Note: According to Pro players, the best formations in EA FC 24 are: 4-2-2-2, 4-3-2-1, 4-2-3-1, and 4-3-3.

Selecting the right players

 Your player choices are crucial. You want to build a squad of players that complete each other and play well together. Look for players who excel in positions that match your formation. Skill, pace, strength, and special abilities should be considered. Don’t forget to explore various leagues and nationalities to foster chemistry within your squad.

Note: A good tactic is to use players with great pace on the lanes and strong players with high passing abilities in the center.


 Chemistry is a measure of how well players get together on the pitch. Players with good chemistry will play better together than players with bad chemistry. You can improve your team’s chemistry by using players from the same league, nationality, and club.

Note: Always use players in their preferred positions to increase your team’s chemistry.

Squad management

Once you have selected your players, you need to manage your squad effectively. This includes setting up your team tactics, player roles, and substituting during matches.

How to improve your FC 24 Ultimate Team squad?

To consistently upgrade your squad’s performance, follow these steps:

  • Play in the most important competitions
  • Complete Objectives
  • Complete SBCs

Playing in the most important competitions

The best way to improve your Ultimate Team squad is to play matches. Playing matches in the most important competitions like Division Rivals and UT Champions will help you earn coins and rewards, which you can use to improve your squad.

Note: Try not to miss any weekend league to receive the most valuable prizes in the game.

Completing objectives

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Image source: in-game screenshot

Objectives are a great way to earn new players and coins. Objectives can involve scoring goals, making assists, or winning matches with specific requirements. To view your ongoing objectives, go to the Objectives tab in the Ultimate Team menu. 

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

Squad Building Challenges are a great way to earn new players, coins, and special packs. SBCs require you to submit a squad of players that meets certain criteria.

Note: You can check the futbin.com website to see many examples of SBCs created by other players.

How to make profit in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

To build a dream team in EA FC 24, it’s essential to generate a regular income within the game:

  • Trading – Buy low, sell high. Study the in-game market to identify undervalued players and items. You can use filters to find players that are undervalued. 
  • Pack Opening – You may get lucky and pull valuable players or items from packs, which can be sold for profit.
  • Investing – Anticipate market trends and invest in potential future stars or sought-after items. You can use the price trend graph to see how a player’s price has changed over time.
  • Completing Objectives and SBCs is crucial to earning coins and valuable packs in EA FC 24.

Tips and tricks to get better in Fc 24 Ultimate Team

Here are some tips and tricks to create a strong team and play better in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team:

  • Choose the right players and formation: Create a team that matches your playstyle. Don’t make experiments in the hardest game modes. 
  • Be patient: Don’t expect to win every match. Everyone loses, even the best players in the world. Just focus on improving your gameplay and trying to win as many matches as possible.
  • Learn from your mistakes: Pay attention to the mistakes you make in matches and try to avoid repeating them in the future.
  • Watch professional players: Watching professional players can help you learn new strategies and techniques.
  • Practice regularly: The more you play, the better you will become. Try to practice for at least 30 minutes before playing a match in the most challenging competitions.
  • Use the right camera angle: The camera angle you use can have a big impact on your gameplay. Experiment with different camera angles to find one that you are comfortable with.
  • Take breaks: It is important to take breaks when playing EA FC 24. If you start to feel tired or frustrated, take a break and come back to the game fresh later.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, this EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Complete Guide is your passport to an exciting and rewarding journey in the world of virtual football. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to refine your strategies or a newcomer aiming to build your dream squad, the knowledge and insights provided in this guide will equip you with the tools to succeed.

 From understanding the core concepts of Ultimate Team to mastering squad management, chemistry, and gameplay, you’re now prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way.

So, lace up your virtual boots, assemble your squad, and let the games begin.

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