How to Complete Spooky Challenge in Clash of Clans


In this guide, we will tell you Clash of Clans Spooky Challenge with the most easy and effective strategy, so read till the end.

During the upcoming Halloween season, Supercell has added two challenges to its blockbuster game Clash of Clans. In order to make players more excited and provide free rewards, the developers have added the Spooky challenge and Super Spooky challenge to Clash of Clans. If you want to know how to complete the Clash of Clans Spooky Challenge then you are at the right place. We will tell you the best way to complete it so read this article till the end.

Spooky challenge Gameplay

How to Complete Clash of Clans Spooky Challenge

To win this challenge, you will have to destroy the Clan Castle first. When you destroy the Clan Castle, make sure there is no king around. In order to destroy the castle, place three Royal Ghosts at the top left. Four Teslas will appear after you have destroyed the castle, so place two Royal Ghosts to destroy them. Four Teslas will appear in each of the four squares away from the Town Hall if you place giant skeletons in each gap. The bomb underneath it will destroy the Teslas, but take out the Giant Skeleton.

To open the poison traps, place a giant skeleton near the Town Hall at the bottom of the base. Afterward, attack the Town Hall with a Queen and destroy the X-Bow near the destroyed Clan Castle with two Bat spells. When the Hall is destroyed, use the Queen’s ability and place the other royal ghosts around it. Using this attacking strategy will help you win the Clash of Clans Spooky Challenge with three stars.

How to complete the Super spooky challenge

As opposed to the Spooky Challenge, the Super Spooky challenge is a little trickier, thus players will need to take a little more care to complete it. Placing two Royal Ghosts close to the Clan Castle should come first. The Spooky Challenge deploys Royal Ghosts in place of Giant Skeletons in the squared gaps.

Place a Giant Skeleton near the Clan Castle near the Bomb Tower. The Giant Skeleton will then draw out all the Skeleton Traps when deployed in front of the Poison Spell Tower. Next, you should deploy another Giant Skeleton near the Bomb Tower. The Bat Spells should be deployed above the X-Bow located at the bottom right of the Clan Castle when the Giant Skeleton’s health drops below 50%. 

Spooky challenge Gameplay
Spooky challenge Gameplay

Place a giant skeleton in the middle of the Poison Spell Towers on the bottom left. On the right, place a king, and just above the Town Hall, place a queen. Invisibility Spell Tower needs the final Giant Skeleton. In the end, you can destroy the Tesla by using the King’s ability and placing a Royal Ghost at the base’s extreme right. Finally, you can use the remaining Bat Spells to destroy everything.

So in this way, you will be able to complete the Clash of Clans Spooky Challenge 

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