How to Complete Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Great Gathering Quest ?



Check our guide to complete the Great Gathering Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Complete this to increase your Friendship level.

The new content update in Disney Dreamlight Valley has brought pets and quests. Simba and Nala, the popular Disney pets are available in the valley. There are a couple of Simba and Nala quests. You have to complete them to maintain a good rapport with these pets and also fulfill their dreams. The Great Gathering is a new quest. This quest is given by Simba and there are a couple of objectives.

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The Great Gathering is a friendship quest and Simba tasks players to craft some recipes. Make sure your friendship level with Simba is at 4 and you have also unlocked Maui, Remy, and Minnie Mouse Pets in your valley. These are the requirements to unlock the great gathering quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s our guide and walkthrough to complete the friendship quest.

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How to Complete The Great Gathering Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

After meeting the requirements, you need to meet Simba and begin the quest. Next, you have to interact with Remy and find out the recipes. You have to prepare Aurora’s Cake and Large Seafood Platter. Then invite everyone to the party to fulfill Simba’s request.

Recipes for Aurora’s Cake

Aurora’s cake is a five-star cake. The recipes required are,

  • x1 Sugarcane
  • x1 Wheat
  • x1 Eggs
  • x1 Milk
  • x1 Fruit

You can get Sugarcane and Wheat from Goofy’s stall. Eggs and Milk can be bought from Remy’s restaurant. After gathering all the recipes, you can make Aurora’s cake in a cooking spot.

The great gathering Disney Dreamlight Valley

Recipes for Large Seafood Platter

Here are the recipes to craft five-star Large Seafood Platter,

  • x4 SeaFood
  • x1 Lemon

You can harvest lemon in the forest of valor. Sea foods can be anything, you can go with Shrimp or Clams. Get them from dazzle beach and craft the dish.

After preparing both dishes, take them to Simba and invite some villagers to the party. You also need to invite Goofy, Maui, and Minni Mouse to the gathering by tracking them on the map. You will receive a “No Worries Banquet” from Simba. This is a quest furniture item and you can place it in a random spot and click some beautiful pictures with all guests during the gathering.


Part 2

The quest is not over yet as you need to take Simba to Nala. Simba will apologize to Nala and then you have two more tasks. One is to feed x5 animals around the valley and then you have to plant and grow x9 carrots.

Feed Critters

Find squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and other critters in and around the valley. Feed these critters by approaching them. Once done, you can proceed to the final part.

Plant and Grow Carrots

Purchase carrot seeds from Goofy’s Stall and then harvest them. The carrots will grow in a while and you can complete this task. Once done with all these, interact with Nala and then you can meet Simba to complete the friendship quest.

That’s how you can complete the Great Gathering Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This friendship quest from Simba has a couple of tasks. Complete all the objectives and your friendship level will also increase. 

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