How to Farm Carrots in Genshin Impact – All Locations

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If you are struggling to farm Carrots in Genshin Impact, here is the best guide with all the best and available Carrot Locations.

In Genshin Impact, Carrot is a basic Cooking Ingredient that’s been used by travelers for various purposes. Generally, you can farm these Carrots in the Teyvat Regions, especially Monstadt has more Carrots. Additionally, you can buy Carrots from several shops or through expeditions. Farming Carrots is an easy task for travelers throughout the Teyvat region.

Carrots are used for Crafting, and recipes and the other major use of Carrots is for the Marvelous Merchandise recurring event which is held often in Genshin Impact. You can exchange Carrots to get some in-game rewards during the Marvelous Merchandise event and other events. If you are looking for Carrots, here are all the best Carrot locations and best farming routes in Genshin Impact.

How to Farm Carrots in Genshin Impact – All Locations

As said, the Carrots are spread all over the villages of Teyvat, here’s everything you need to know about Carrots.


Monstadt has a plethora of locations where you can easily farm 20-50 Carrots a day. Here are the best Monstadt Carrot locations in Genshin Impact.

Monstadt Carrot Locations genshin impact
Monstadt Carrot Locations

Explore the fields, boxes, and barrels of Dawn Winery from Monstadt which has Carrots scattered all over the area. Stormterror Lair can be your next best spot from Monstadt to farm carrots. Next visit Springvale village, the residents regularly harvest more carrots here. The final spot you need to explore from Monstadt to farm carrots is the Brightcrown Canyon, head towards the west of the waypoint, and find the carrots on the land. You will get more carrots here than you get from other spots in Monstadt.


At Liyue you may purchase 10 carrots every day at the Wanmin Restaurant. The Wanmin Restaurant is run by Chef Mao, you can easily get 10 Carrots at a price of 230 Mora per Carrot. His shop also resets every three days. Sometimes you may also get a discount.

Other Options to Farm Carrots in Genshin Impact

You can farm Carrots from most of the Wild locations in Teyvat. Additionally, the Carrots are also available when you do an investigation, available as destructible crates drop, and available in Boxes, Pots, and Barrels. Most of the Monstadt villagers harvest Carrots, you can farm there. Carrots are also available as Expeditions from Wolvendom and Guyun Stone Forest.

Then Carrots can be farmed through Jade Field Gardening. Look for Seed Dispensary to get more Carrots in the open world. Then buy Carrots from Tubby NPC, Serenitea Pot, the NPC sells around 5 Carrot seed bags for a week. Use the Realm Currency to purchase the Carrot seed bags from Tubby.

genshin impact carrot locations
How to Farm Carrots in Genshin Impact - All Locations 3

These are the best Carrot locations to farm in Genshin Impact. Explore the World of Monstadt to get enough amount of Carrots that are used for several purposes. Right now the Marvelous Merchandise event is available, where you can exchange Carrots for several rewards.

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