How to Beat the Rancor in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor



You can easily win the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor boss fight by following the tips and tricks in our latest guide.

The boss fights are back in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You will encounter a couple of bosses on each planet. Every boss in Jedi Survivor boasts incredible powers and skills. Rancor is a primary boss fight on Koboh planet. Rancor is a Legendary level boss you can encounter during the  Find the Missing Prospectors Rumor. Rumor is a side quest in Jedi Survivor.

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Rancor hits hard and faster. Cal has to deal with its massive attacks to win this challenge. Though the challenge against Rancor is an optional one, you can defeat the boss to gain points and some rewards. You can start the challenge against Rancor in Sodden Grotto. Here’s all you need to know about the Rancor boss fights along with some tips and tricks to beat the Rancor boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor Boss Fight – Guide and Walkthrough

Get to the Pyloon’s Saloon on the Koboh planet and then get to the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. Now acquire the Rumor, Find the Missing Prospectors, and get to the Sodden Grotto, Hunter’s Quarry to kickstart the boss fight against the dangerous Rancor boss. 

The boss has several types of attacks like Ground Slam, Basic Attacks, Grab, Swing, and more. You need to dodge and parry its most attacks to endure. You can also use skills and weapons to deal damage. Lightsaber stance will be your best go-to weapon against this boss. Here’s the walkthrough to defeat the Rancor boss easily.

Phase 1

Rancor seems to be slow. But its attacks will be explosive and faster. Rancor unleashes the charging attack initially, you need not counter, instead, dodge this. Whenever Rancor tries Slam, you can dodge to either side. Going behind will only make things worse. After dodging some attacks, you can counter with a weapon and use swing attacks to reduce its healing points. Rancor then uses his ranged attacks, you can only jump or quickly move for these long ranged attacks.

Rancor lunges forward and will try to stomp Cal. You can parry it with a powerful melee weapon. You can block some attacks and parry the other dangerous attacks of Rancor to survive this first phase.

Rancor Jedi Survivor
Rancor Boss

Also, make sure to use the powerful skills that are available in your skill tree. You can go with Howling Push for better range. Survivor Resilience skills are the other best options to avoid incoming attacks. Parry its attacks and deal more damage. The next phase begins when Rancor loses half his health bar. The boss will also unleash a massive roar to indicate that the challenge goes to the final phase.

Phase 2

You can use the Lightsaber stance for this phase. Rancor will unleash ground slam attacks again, you can jump and avoid these attacks. The boss will also fuse and launch shock waves. Next, Rancor uses its claw attacks, this can be dodged or parried either. The boss also uses his basic melee attacks, you can counter with a stance or other weapon. Whenever Cal takes a hit, you can stun the boss in a short span. Deal more damage whenever Rancor slows down to gain an advantage.

Deal more damage and focus on draining Rancor’s health. This will make him fragile and you can win the boss fight easily. The boss will come forward to grab Cal and bite him. You can dodge it again as it can’t be blocked. the boss will again try to stomp and unleash charged attacks. Keep dodging everything and Rancor will be frustrated with all these. Then you can deal damage once he loses momentum.

Use more skills along with Lightsaber as this will help you reduce his health gradually. Continue with these attacks. Once his health goes to zero, cal can launch the last attack and win the challenge. 

That’s how you can win the boss fight against Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Follow these tricks and strategies to ensure that you are on the winning side. You will unlock a new perk as a reward for beating the Rancor boss. Once you defeat Rancor, more challenges and boss fights will be unlocked.  Use your skills and weapons along with dodging and parrying techniques to complete all boss fights. This is the best strategy to go with.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the next release from the Star Wars franchise, is one of the best games to play in recent times. Play as Cal Kestis and save the galaxy from demons. The game has the best features, skills, weapons, and locations.

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