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Star Wars Jedi Survivor features a range of skills to enhance your gameplay, but which are the best? Our guide provides the top skills to invest in, so you can become a powerful Jedi and survive against all odds.

To complete every mission in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Cal Kestis requires force powers, weapons, and stances. These will help him to defeat opponents and complete quests in the Galaxy. There are also several skills that you can equip as you progress. Skills will give a different dimension to heroes. Every skill belongs to a tier and this keeps changing constantly.

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You can equip top-tier skills as a beginner to make the job easy. There are several Lightsaber, Force, and  Survival skills from each skill tree. You get access to all skills after completing all main story side quests. To unlock all these skills, you have to spend some skill points based on each skill. Some skills require 2 skill points, some require 3, and some require just 1. Here’s all you need to know about the skill tree and skill points in our guide. Find out the best skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor here. 

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Best Skills to Use in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

There are three skill trees. Light Saber, Survival, and Force. All skills of Jedi Survivor belong to these skill trees. The most powerful skills in Jedi Survivor are here,

Best Survival Skills

Improved Stim Formula – This skill rapidly increases your healing points. With just 1 skill point, your health and stim slots get increased. Once you equip these, you gain access to Perfected Stim Formula. Both skills share the same benefits.

Improved Stim Formula

Expert Survival Skills  – This will increase Cal’s hp and energy to maximum levels. He can attack aggressively after getting rejuvenated.

You can spend 2 skill points and unlock this.

Team Work – This skill will minimize the time required to heal using a BD-1 Stim. An effective skill to use from this category. Acquire this skill for 1 Skill Point.

Focused Sight –  This skill lets you avoid all incoming attacks. You can block melee and ranged attacks after activating this skill for 2 skill points.

Improved Survival Skills – This is much similar to expert skills. You can restore entire hp and energy for 2 skill points.

Best Force Skills

Wrenching Pull – This Telekinesis skill lets you wrench all nearby targets.  Spend 1 skill point and use the right controls to use this skill.

Parry Push – Use the push button to send targets flying. Once done, you can clear remaining units on the ground. Your HP and energy will not reduce during this time. You have to spend just one Skill Point for this skill 

Unrelenting Pull –  use the Pull button to affect the largest and most force-resistant enemies. A powerful skill that can explode waves of enemies in a go. Get this skill for 3 Skill Points.

Confusion Mastery – You can confuse and deceive all types of enemies for just 2 skill points . Confusion Mastery is a unique skill in Jedi Survivor and this can be used for all types of missions.

Addled Mind – This will increase the duration of enemies attacking other targets while in a confused state. Spend 1 Skill Point to get this skill.

Swift Focus – This increases Force recovery once you perform a  Precision Evade. This skill costs 1 skill point 

Star wars Jedi Survivor skills

Attunement – This will increase force and your attacks become both harder and faster. Spend one skill point and unlock this stunning skill

Extended Hold – The very first strike against units affected by Slow won’t break the Slow effect. You need to spend 3 skill points on this skill. 

Best Lightsaber Skills 

Lunging Strike –  You can perform a  long reaching thrust attack. This skill is available for 1 skill point.

Charged Throw –  Use the controls to unleash a stronger lightsaber throw that deals more damage and also moves some distance through the target. Get this powerful skill for 2 points.

Vortex Dive – You can move closer to targets while attacking. unlock this skill for one skill point 

Sundering Swipe – A powerful sweeping attack can be unleashed for 2 skill points. The enemies that are within your range will be bashed.

Improved Clip –  Blaster Stance’s ammo will increase and you can take on more enemies during this time. It costs just a single skill point.

 Reaching Cleave – Cleaving Swing’s range gets a massive increase. Spend 1 skill point for this amazing skill. 

Dash Strike – You can dash and strike a melee target out of range. Dash Strike is available for 2 skill points.  A powerful skill that’s been used by most players of Jedi Survivor right now.

Cyclone Smash – You can perform a powerful overhead swing that slashes nearby targets. Use this skill after using a basic attack. Cyclone Smash is available for 2 skill points. 

These are the best skills to use from every skill tree in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. There are many more skills. But when it comes to the most effective and powerful skills, you can equip these for now. Complete all missions and acquire more skill points. This will help you equip all new skills. Every skill works in a different way. Unlocking the entire skill tree makes your work easier during some challenging missions on the Galaxy.

That’s everything you need to know about the best skills of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Use these skills and you can also use other remaining skills as well. Progress in every world and you should be getting access to the entire skill tree. We will come back with more updates soon.

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