How to beat The Maven in God of War Ragnarok – Tips and Tricks


Want to know how to beat the God of War Maven? Take a look at the below guide that has the best tips and tricks for you.

Players will encounter a quest known as “The Elven Sanctum.” Upon completion, players will be faced with a formidable opponent known as The Maven. The Maven serves as the guardian of the sanctum. To assist in overcoming this challenge and claiming the rewards, here are some helpful tips and strategies for defeating the God of War Maven.


How to beat God of War Maven

Taking Advantage of The Maven’s Weaknesses

In the battle against The Maven, the most crucial aspect is to interrupt her attacks. This can be achieved by recognizing her blue circle attacks, which are moments of vulnerability. By double-tapping L1 and counterattacking with a shield strike, you can stun The Maven, providing a valuable opportunity to deal damage.

It is crucial to pay close attention to The Maven’s movements and attacks, as this will help you better understand when to take advantage of her weaknesses. This approach will be worth more than you expect, as taking advantage of these opportunities can significantly impact the outcome of the battle. So, stay focused, stay alert, and listen to Freya’s advice to defeat The Maven and return home with your loot.

Maximizing Weapon Potential: Key to Defeating The Maven

When facing the guardian of The Elven Sanctum, The Maven, it’s important to have a solid strategy in combat. One key aspect of this strategy is utilizing your weapons effectively. To effectively defeat The Maven, you need to experiment with different weapons and combos. This is to find what works best for you. By doing so, you will be able to find the right combination of weapons and combos. Then you will feel easy to take down the God of War The Maven.

One thing to keep in mind is that each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some weapons are more effective in close-range combat while others are better at dealing damage from a distance. Additionally, each weapon has its own unique combo moves that can be used to chain together multiple strikes for even more damage. It’s important to take some time to try out different weapons and combos in the game’s practice mode to get a feel for each one. 

Doing this will allow you to find the weapon and combo that works best for you and your playstyle, giving you the best chance of defeating The Maven. So, as you prepare to face The Maven, make sure to take the time to experiment with your weapons. Also, find the right combination to take down this tough opponent. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to claim your loot and emerge victorious from The Elven Sanctum.

Choose the right armor

Defeating God of War Maven requires a combination of skill, strategy, and the right equipment. One of the ways to tip the scales in your favor is by equipping the right armor. The Radiant Armor set, in particular, can be a valuable asset as it boosts the power of your shield strikes, which is a key aspect of this battle. By having this armor, you’ll have a greater chance of interrupting The Maven’s attacks and stunning her, giving you an opening to strike.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your battle strategy, consider finding and equipping the Radiant Armor set. This can be found in Legendary Chests in the Barrens. This small investment could make a big difference in the outcome of the battle against The Maven.


Stay Close to The Maven

When battling against The Maven, it’s best to avoid engaging in ranged combat. This boss excels at quick, ranged strikes. To counteract the advantage, it’s important to keep the fight as close as possible by using your Blades of Chaos. By staying close, you’ll reduce the amount of time and distance The Maven has to initiate her ranged attacks. This will give you a better chance to dodge and counterattack. 

Additionally, the Blades of Chaos are ideal for close-quarters combat, providing quick and powerful strikes to keep The Maven on her toes and disrupt her attacks. Staying close to The Maven will also make it easier for you to stun her with a shield strike, as mentioned in the previous tips.

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