How to beat the Kingtusk Boss in Wild Hearts



Defeat the Kingtusk Kemono boss in Wild Hearts by following our tips and tricks. Use our guide to find out how!

Wild Hearts is a high octane action RPG from the team of Omega Force. Wild Hearts has many beasts, boars, and bosses that you need to hunt down and defeat to complete main story missions. The boss fights in Wild Hearts are similar to other popular action games. Kingtusk boss is a dangerous boar and this is also the third Kemono in the game. Kingtusk, the gigantic pig-like boss, boasts huge HP and powers. You need to find its weakness to complete this challenging boss fight in Wild Hearts. 

Kingtusk has a couple of charged attacks, ground pound attacks, and many wood-type attacks. You need to use the best weapons and armor to take on the mighty Kingtusk kemono in Wild Hearts. To those who are struggling to defeat this Kemono boar boss in the game, here are the best tips and tricks to complete the boss fight against the Kingtusk Kemono boss in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts Kingtusk Boss Fight Guide and Tips

Make your way to Harugasamy way to find the boss in its place. You need to have the best set of weapons and armor. For Armor Hunter’s Armor set and Young Samurai set can be your best picks. For weapons go with Blue Slash Sword, Claw Blades, and Green Pierce. Again for Karakuri, you can pick Spring and Bulwark. Now you are all set to take on the kemono boss,

Wild Hearts Kingtusk boss
Kingtusk Boss

Phase 1 

Kingtusk is a wood attribute boss and you can avoid weapons that deal damage in this element. Again you can avoid using poison and water. Go with fire based damage to deal massive damage. Your strategy is to keep attacking on its head and feet to stun the boss and take advantage. Use spring karakuri to increase your damage and you can dodge the unblockable attacks. Kingtusk unleashes a tusk slam which will create a shock wave to deal massive damage. You also need to overcome its ground and charged attacks. Every attack is indicated by blue and red colored rings. You can utilize your slash attacks to reduce its HP. The Hunter’s Armor set will be effective whenever the boss unleashes wood damage. Use Bulwark Karakuri to avoid all ground and heavy attacks. You can also use this Bulwark Karakuri to overcome the charged attacks of Kingtusk kemono.

Phase 2 

Use your Claw Blades and Spring Karakuri often as Kingtusk becomes more aggressive in this phase. You can also go with the fresh fern armor set to avoid getting unwanted damage. Keep attacking with your weapons and unleash slash combos as the boss is highly vulnerable against slash weapons. Dodge his attacks and use Karakuri to block his unblockable attacks. Keep attacking with the same strategy and whenever the boss is stunned, you need to unleash all your combos to land the final blow. After defeating the Kemono, you can get some rewards which include Kingtusk Bristle, Plum Scent Crystal, and Kingtusk Tail.

With this, our Wild Hearts Kingtusk boss fight guide is done. Defeat the Kingtusk boss and get massive rewards in the game. We will come back with more Wild Hearts updates and guides soon.

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